Monday, October 2, 2017

...and this is why parents are crazy

The craziness that was from a morning last week.

8:04: I roll out of bed two hours later than I told myself I would last night. Immediately remind Taylor he needs to be at the garage shop five minutes ago. He runs out the door and I go to perform my regular morning muscle flexes in the mirror.

Some days the humidity and lack of regular bathing catch up to me, and this morning was one of them. As I am stepping into the tub, I suddenly remember the kids' bank account numbers were inside my wallet that disappeared and I haven't told the bank yet.

Cue heart attack.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Virginia according to a native Utahn

This post is for all my people who don't know anything about the east coast.

Hi mom and dad!

My perceptions of Virginia may insult every Virginian who reads this. I would apologize, but then I'd also point out the revenge has been served in the form of fruit flies that will.not.die. I think we're even.

I don't know if this includes all of the east coast, or even all of Virginia, but the west side of this state is completely "opposite land". This land is not Utah; nay, this land opposes just about every belief of science, biology, and human ability I had conceived in my Utahn growing up years.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

moving prep and the in betweens

This is a pause between Canada posts to capture the craziness it's been around here packing up a home in two weeks to move cross country.

We're tucked into our new apartment on the East Coast, and there's plenty to share about that, namely country bugs that have NO personal boundaries.

Some quick observations about this new place:

- For the "quiet country", it is LOUD. Arrow looked up at me with wide eyes once and said, "Mama, the bugs are screaming." Yes baby, they are. 
- There are a lot of fast food places around here and not so many Trader Joe's. 
- The rainstorms are unpredictable and that makes me very happy. That is, after all, a piece of home from Utah. 
- We sold nearly everything of ours in Utah, and still we have so much stuff in boxes. But more on that in this post.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

This is Hard Work

Hello readers.

I'm not in Utah anymore!

Here's what happened: we moved to Virginia. For school. Much more on that later. But now is the time for finger vomiting some thoughts that ailed me along to class this morning.

I'm at school on a full ride scholarship that requires a near perfect GPA to retain. I'm taking film and business classes, with a side dish of tennis, because some school require PE credits to graduate with a business degree. I don't agree with that system, and yet here we are. (Tennis is fun, by the way.)

School is hard work.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

June & July 2017 Footprints

I must be getting behind here a little bit.

These posts are to fill in the "little moments" that weren't big enough for blog posts. Pretty much they're for my family who swings by to read these.

It makes me smile when my family gets fussy at the sight of my camera. I smile because the next thing I know, my phone is buzzing with photo requests for one thing or another. 

I'm just saying. You people need me. ;)

Anyway, here are the little moments of June and July. They're really not in order.

We'll start with the prettiest photo I've ever posted of myself on the internet.


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