Friday, March 24, 2017

February Footprints

I'm torn between keeping up with these monthly posts or going for a weekly update instead. If that's the new route taken, then it's a 4-for-1 kind of deal plus free shipping! on your reading list. But that also requires extra work and our subtitle family motto isn't "Long Term Laziness" for nothing.

We'll stick with this for now. (But if that package deal of blog posts does happen, then I think it'd be cool to also supply you with some interesting links from around the world wide wonder. Sort of like THIS POST. Hmmmmmm? What do you think?)

Boom. Let's do Gebruary.

This month started out with the chapped lips of horror. I won't even show you a picture.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

By all standards, I didn't deserve their forgiveness. This family thought differently.

"You're sure that you don't mind?" 

"Not at all!" I replied, taking the envelope from my brother in law. He had just returned from serving a two year mission, and was gone during the time I had dated and married his brother. I was looking for a way to build a relationship with this new family member of mine, and opportunity came knocking. My brother in law was fulfilling a favor to his ex-companion, who sent something back to his parents for safe keeping. The companion's parents lived next to my parents, so I offered to finish delivering the package when I visited my parents that Sunday.

When my brother in law left, I inspected the envelope. There was nothing extraordinary about its regular letter size, if not a little dirty from being crammed into a suitcase travelled from Mexico. The imprint of a credit card creased the bottom corner. A name and phone number of was written on the front flap. Honestly, I thought it was odd making fuss to hand deliver a credit card home, but I understood the misfortune if the mail system happened to lose the package.

As it would turn out, the mail system may have been more reliable than my own hands.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Customer Service Part II: The Callback

I called back the company. And although this company surely has more than a handful of agents under their belt, I got the very same one. THE VERY SAME. We had yet another intriguing conversation. Were there useless line repeats? Absolutely. Singing? Well, it what's a personal brand without a jingle? Is this a verbatim transcript? 98% yes.

I'm still not sure if the agent was pranking me or not.

Agent: Um hello there my name is mashhuurrjfdaklfja; who am I speaking with?

Chaun: Sweet Mercies.

Chaun: This is Chaun.

Agent: Hello Chaun what it is the itinerary number?

Chaun: *gives number*

Agent: OH! Chaunnn hi yes how can I help you?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ghosts on Compy

Occasionally I work on audio files for my job. One particular file I pulled up was supposed to be a recording from a lovely lady recounting a personal experience. However, it was a Friday, so naturally NOPE NOTHING GUN WORK TODAY SON. Instead, the file played back the *literal* sounds of dead people beat boxing with the occasional groans and screams. 

After crying from fear about "vampire heathens" & being offended that poltergeists would hack my computer (although their performance was mildly impressive as they kept a steady rhythm) I called over an audio engineer, AKA a real professional, to sort out the mess. His response "This is so awesome! I have no idea what's going on." He tinkered a bit more, and left me to it. Before I had a proper chance to extortion out the beast, an IT tech happened to stop by to help me set up my printer.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Seat at the Table

I always say that there’s a chair for *everyone* at the table. However, for one reason or another, I guess I forgot that there was an invitation for me, too.

For a wild minute this past Sunday, I guess I forgot I was loved. Emotions came to a head this when I sat in with Taylor at our usual family council and tearily named the source of quiet frustration I felt. I knew that I was liked, and that I was needed in all the facets of my life. But I didn’t know that I was wanted. Or that I was loved.

Stuff like this doesn't usually get to me. For reals. :) Ups and downs are just part of life, you know? But this time was hitting me pretty hard. I cleared my throat through tears trying to verbally explain why I was sad.


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