Friday, June 16, 2017

May footprints 2017

Arrow had a playdate with her aunts at the zoo. Here are those babes that I claim as my own.

Arrow at the zoo. She was sure to come home and tell me "I saw elephant. And Hannah said NO! Stop right now. I didn' wanna ride in da strolla." Hannah had some explaining to do.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Strangers in Roanoke

The Thing About Traveling
I see pictures on the Facebooks and Instas of people traveling. People trying new foods. People doing cool things. I scroll through each photo and heart each one delightedly. (Except the boring ones. Boo on you who post two almost alike pictures and take unwholesome advantage of my inability to ignore travel photos. )

Then I close the laptop or phone or whatever and walk away.

And think about those pictures. And think of new things and new experiences and new cultures. Next thing I know I'm drafting a new "possiblities itinierary" on google docs and counting how many dollars I need to earn.

Travel is an addiction I tell you.

Traveling with me sounds fun, because when I say I travel like the people of the land, uncultured friends usually go wild and are like "That's the BEST way! Then you know what it's really like to live there! Take me with you!" These people don't yet realize that traveling like the people of the land means buying groceries instead of eating out and taking public transit. I do it for the culture.

Friday, June 9, 2017


You guys. I love Yahoo Answers. 

I posted a bunch of questions months ago and completely forgot about them, until I was sitting bored at home tonight. To my delight, many responses were awaiting me.


HELP! I'm locked in the garage! 
can't find the button to get out and I don't have anybody but my neighbor's cat for company please help

There were so many answers to this, but these are my favorite.

  1. give me ur adress. i will break into ur home like santa claus and shout "hoe hoe ho "this would my signal ok ~anonymous
  2. There is a manual button or cord above all garage doors. Dont be dramatic ~K
  3. Resign yourself to your fate... You're going to be stuck in a lot of things in your life. ~Lazey W
  4. 1. Find the button labeled "Troll Release" 2. Push it. ~Warren
  5. Lay down on the floor. After you fall asleep the cat may bite you on the neck. If you bleed out, you will no longer be a burden on society. ~Anonymous

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Parenting Breakthrough Plan (9 Chores For My Toddler)

Lists are near and dear to the heart of this house. I think it's because we get some kind of sick pleasure from checking off little boxes on printed paper.

When it comes to house organization, graduation requirements, work assignments, all those things have tidy lists to keep the project running smoothly and to reach success.

But what about raising a family? Are my children a project?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

April Footprints

These are the monthly "little things" that deserved honorable mentions in the family records. :)

Homeboy bounces himself to sleep and it's perfect. Gah. His chubby cheeks. They kill me.


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