Saturday, May 20, 2017

I would probably suck as a vampire (Story & The Weekly Best)

The Story
Mkay, so you all remember that Scottish dude Corduroy from work?

Well, I haven't seen Corduroy in a millennia, give or take. We don't work together and I haven't seen him since I transferred to a different part of the building. 

My new desk has been what's referred to in hushed tones as the "Corner of Phoenix Forgotten and Hopeless Dreams" (backstory later). Basically, it's the darkest part of building, although the storage closets in the basement make for a pretty close second.

I work in video production and thus stare at a computer for way more hours than what should be considered legal. The ceilings lights above have been removed for unknown reasons, but some claim it's supposedly "better for the eyesight" anyway. Lies. The small, yellow lamp provided makes my head burn. When I first heard about the office transition, I complained about moving to a darker part of the building. I was rewarded with the darkest possible office corner. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sometimes Chaun is a bagel sinner

My grandma was given a box of 4 Einsteins bagels, and kindly shared them. In fact, she told me to pick out whichever ones I wanted. I was like "heck yes" because there were cinnamon sugar bagels in there! I took the 2 cinnamon sugar and left behind 2 other bagels: a boring raisin and a sad wheat bagel.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The story behind my 2017 motto & bracelet

My mother in law made a comment the other day that stuck with me. I can't quite remember the setting, but we were chatting over what our family's week was going to be like. She named some of the events taking place in her home, shared some about my brother-in-law's, and then when she came to us, she laughed and said "Well, you guys are always just busy anyway." And that was that. 

It was a offhand remark that really wasn't supposed to mean anything, but it nagged at me. Her tone wasn't accusing, more just stating fact. And I didn't like it. Because she was right. 

We are really busy. So busy in fact, that I realize I'm always to get on top of things without ever really getting to the bottom of things.

That's the thing about of human relationships. They don't function off checklists. Quick hellos and how-are-you's are only small supplements to what should be a solid foundation.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Nasal Comforts (Story & The Weekly Best)


I've been walking around all week with healing ointment inside my nose to heal some scabs. AND NOT FOR THE REASON YOU THINK. If there's anything worse than being subjected to a stuffy nose, then it's a self-inflicted stuffy nose.

That's really all you need to know about my life right now.

But wait, there's more!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A submild Thai restaurant

My husband and I were ordering at a Thai restaurant. (Which, by the way, took me four tries to spell "restaurant" correctly until autocorrect saved me. English hard.) 

This was a group date with one of my husband’s friend and sometimes Taylor and I forget that to retain friends we must bond with them outside of Facebook once in a while, so when asked if we could come hang for a couple hours then we were wagging tails and barking YES OMG FRIENDS.

She suggested one of her favorite Thai resterautns restaraunt restdjal;fj dining-out-locations and although we were totes excited because FRIENDS, I was a little anxious because #Spicy.


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