Cockroaches vs. Chocolate Truffles

Moments that keep life real from the past week

Lurkers on the Street
On Sunday, we received an anonymous note taped to our front door. It was the whole package: typed and stuffed in a manila envelope. High security business. The note read that a nameless neighbor in our duplex was involved in some wrong-doings, and could potentially hurt their children (The children of those who sent the note). They threatened us if we didn’t call the police right away, then they would instead. It was signed “upset and concerned neighbors”. A few houses got the same note. We probably would have taken it more seriously if they had taken the time to cut letters out from a magazine.

There is a perfect bug-sized entrance crack underneath our front door. Occasionally an insect would creep its way in. We were mostly okay with it, until a Black Widow tried to move in too. Time to change. Taylor sprayed the doorstep, and since then we’ve witnessed a massacre of bug destruction. Beetles and roaches everywhere. Yesterday was actually my first time seeing a cockroach. It was slightly shocking. Although I've lived in Salt Lake for a long time, I've somehow missed noticing any of them.

Before this experience, I imagined them to look more like chocolate truffles. Dome-like, brown, and with a hump on its back.
No. They do not look like truffles. At all.

A little beetle was clever though, and leaped into my hair when I was coming inside. (For whatever reason, they’re desperate to live with us in our clean, bug food-less apartment). I applaud his bravery, but it was a poor choice in selecting me as the vehicle, and not someone more bug-chill, like Taylor. Total freak out on the piano when I found it.

Our air-conditioner is an old fashioned window that we open when it starts getting too toasty. In our bathroom, we have a bizarre case of ants that crawl in through a crack adjacent to that window. The ants always appear in this fashion:
  • Firstly, they only come if the window is open. The crack seems to have nothing to do with an open window, but that's their standard.
  • They come in groups of 5 to 10.
  • When we find them a couple hours later, they're already dead.
The only explanation plausible is there must be a poison in that crack. We have no idea why they have to come in when the window is opened though. Or if they come through the window, why are they dead?

Great mysteries of the kingdom, I tell you.

Why Keeping it Real
I want to remember the good and the bad of life. I think it's simply healthy to do it. For everyone. I've heard many people struggle with self-esteem and comparison issues when they connect with false perceptions online. Although I can't control another's emotions, I hope I can make a real and positive impact through honesty.

That said, I certainly don't intend to complain. I would probably be in trouble with the big man upstairs if I was ungrateful for the countless fortunes in our life.

My point is, even though these things aren't pleasant in the moment, I don't look back unhappily on them. One day I expect we'll find them amusing. How is finding a beetle in your hair not amusing? (Later on, of course. Definitely not in the moment. ;) ) You have your countless fortunes, and you have your struggles. That's just how life is supposed to be. Without a some opposition, life wouldn't be as enjoyable.

Plus, I think we'd be defying the laws of newlywed-ness if we didn't have some sort of issue with bugs or character neighbors :)