Wedda Ding a Ding Ding

To start off the middle of June, Jackie and Tyler were married.

The night before we did a little of this:

Their story is a good one. Jackie and Tyler met as sophomores in high school. A year later they started dating. When he was 19, Tyler left the comforts of home to voluntarily serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints. He served his mission in Brazil.

When I met Jackie in college, Tyler still had another year to serve in Brazil. However, she was a woman with a mission of her own; to grow as much as she could while waiting for his return. Honestly, she blew my mind away. Jackie is go-getter. She has quite the talent for achieving her dreams, which is inspiring to me. She kept herself busy with family, friends, school and our dance crew. Lots of great memories there.

The year passed, and the man came home. Which eventually led a bunch a great people to hang out on the temple grounds waiting for their grand debut as husband and wife.

While the photographer was out creating her art, I was snapping pictures of her baby. I couldn't get enough of his chunky self.

Having a real man-to-man conversation :)

Seriously, so adorable.
I'm getting baby hungry :)
Some additional pictures from the day:

This little guy was very photogenic, which I loved.
Joe being a good sport about the little treat a bird gave him.
What's the likelihood that our babies won't have brown hair and green eyes?

There was such a good feeling all around that day. Their wedding day was beautiful. Not because it was stress or problem free, but because of its purpose. Celebrating in the joy of others somehow helps you find your own personal joy. Which is something most of us seem to need. Perhaps if we share a little more of ourselves, we'll discover that much more. Imagine what we could find if we lost ourselves in the good doing for others.