Glass Shards in the Sagebrush

These cute butternuggets are two of my sisters:

Cami and Kylee
I'm the oldest child in my family. To the littler people, sometimes that means I'm too motherly and give too much advice. Other times it means I'm a cool cat they want to hang out with on the weekend. (Or at least my husband is.) A little while ago, I got to be the cool cat.

As soon as the husband got home, we packed sandwiches, and drove up to the Ensign Peak trail. The plan was to take the normal, marked trail. Butternugget #1 thought it'd be best if we climbed up the side of the mountain to get to the peak instead.

This pregnant body was not getting up there without some sisterly help :)
Today I want to talk about being connected.
This is why:

We even found this gem in the sagebrush. Hopefully Grandpa Spears still lives there.
What you see is my cute family collecting trash as we go back down the trail. (The actual trail this time. There wasn't any garbage on the unmarked route. Go figure.) Cami noticed a smashed glass bottle in the yellow grass, and mentioned how it bothered her. She made this comment.
"A lot of people think that's it's okay to throw trash out the window because it's small and hardly anyone else does it. They don't realize that everyone else is thinking the same thing. Imagine how much trash is out there because it keeps getting tossed where it shouldn't."
My sister is pretty clever. I completely agree with her. Her wisdom isn't what inspired me though. What moved me was to see my sisters not only cleaning up after strangers on the trail, but actually going off-trail, looking for any clutter.

They knew to make a difference, noticing the problem wasn't enough. They needed to be actively engaged in making that difference.

Oh yes. Those are wise little butternuggets :)