How I Didn't Become a Firefighter

I adore bucket lists. Bucket lists are serious business in this house. Accomplishing goals is the "thing".

One of my flaws is overloading myself, and then feeling guilty when I don't accomplish all those tasks in a single day. Every day I remind myself it's about the results, not the tasks. Every night I remember that I'm pretty bad at taking advice from myself.

I love to hear the goals of others. If you listen closely, you can hear their personal reverence for the daydreams that keep them up at night. Sometimes their eyes get sparkly. You can feel their passion flow into you. It is a beautiful thing.

Tim Ferriss said "Most people can do awe-inspiring things. They just need a push in that direction to do it."
He's got it spot on.

10 year old me was fascinated with danger and fire. I thought they were cooler than Power Rangers. I decided my calling in life was to be a firefighter. I was going to be that brave woman that ran out of burning houses carrying a family and their cats. And I was going to do it whilst on fire, too.

As I grew older, I grew taller, and I also grew scrawnier. There was a noticeable lack in upper-body strength that puberty forgot to give me. My own grandmother would say "It's that not heavy, Old Woman" as she would take an extremely heavy box (I thought) from my arms into her own.

Business in the front, party in the back.
Although Taylor's muscles are quite nice, it's painfully obvious
 my non-defined arms are dominating. How embarrassing!
Eventually, it occurred to me that God did not see it fit to give me the talents of a firefighter. I realized that I would likely have to change my dreams, and erase something from the bucket list. That's a hard thing to do, with the whole internal guilt trip flaw and all. But it really is okay. Because He did see it fit to give other talents. Talents that would bring me and my family happiness.
Every single individual I've met also has that same blessing.

We are created in His image. God is the ultimate creator. He can create those annoying centipedes that chill in my window sill. He can create those beautiful mountains of Costa Rica. His talents are vast and beyond comprehension. You are His child. You have so much going for you.

You have the power to do awe-inspiring things.

And it never ceases to amaze me.

Follow your intuition. Use your natural abilities. Of course we can develop more talents, even ones that aren't so natural. A strength does not mean you are good at it. A strength is something that empowers you. Use what has been given to you. Use them to serve those around you. You will find so much happiness in doing so.

Don't forget to be awesome.

(By the way: I did punch a wall once. Nothing actually happened, but I did slightly bruise my knuckles. I think it made me look tough.)