June Babies

This month's birthdays:

Taylor's Mama:
I wrote her birthday post back here

My mom's birthday:

Check out those pretty eyes! I think she deserves a little spotlighting here, too :)

For her birthday, we gave her a copy of Dieter Uchtdorf's "Forget Me Not" book. To compliment the book, we also sent out a mass text to friends and family asking what they loved about my mom. We planned to compile all what we received into a letter that would be found inside the book.

I was blown away by the responses that came in. She truly is a loved woman. I found out some things I didn't even know about my mom.

Such as even as a toddler, she enjoyed shopping with her mom. She was caught checking the bottom of items for prices, even though she couldn't read yet. Or that her dad made her a cupboard for her dish set. I wish I had the picture of them painting it together. 

Not one person failed to mention how selfless of a person she is. One person told me that when my mom was battling cancer about ten years ago, she asked family to help do the birthday parties for her kids. She didn't want us to miss out on anything, despite her unimaginable struggles. That was really touching to find out.

I'm lucky to have her.

My birthday:
I grew into an official adult on Tuesday.

I've learned to succeed as an adult, one only has to keep pretending until the day is over. Once you're home, you can take off the pants, and chill around in your underwear, and be not as adult-like. I'm enjoying this a lot, especially being hot and pregnant in the summer. Unfortunately, we'll have to change our ways once our babies start having to wear pants too.

Some of my favorite moments from that day were:
1. Waking up with a mane of hair that Simba would be proud of, and not doing anything about it until after twelve.

2. Power walking to work. (I would find it funny to see a six month pregnant woman power walking, so I hope it at least entertained someone :) )

3. Coming to this awesomeness at work:

Every woman needs a box of donuts on her birthday :)

4. Taylor and I thought we spotted a woman whose blog I follow almost religiously. We went "strolling" through the mall, trying to get closer look. Not wanting to make another awkward impression for the second time this month, I was practicing normal fangirl / blogstalker pleasantries, "Hey, you don't know me, but I, like, love your blog." After circling around her enough times, we realized it wasn't her. Bummer.

5. At 4 AM, Taylor found some newborn kittens outside. Quote from Taylor, "I heard some little mews, but then I heard some more that were more... little." And viola, stray cat is a mama cat, shepherding her kittens around in darkness. I can't wait to go find them later today.

It was a good month of birthdays. It'll be nice to take the hiatus for a few months now. :)