The New Guy

As a wise and clever seventeen year old, I once licked a pinch of salt from the ground of the Great Salt Flats.
Oh yes. I gave myself the privilege of knowing what thousand year old dead fish and other remains tasted like.

Fast forward several years, and I'm meeting my brother-in-law for the first time. He had just returned from serving a two year mission in Mexico. (In my church, young men leave home for two years to teach the Gospel for two years in a different land.)  We were gathered in our family circle waiting for him at the airport. Lots of tears, hugs, and warm fuzzies all around. When it was my turn to for hugs, I moved forward. It probably took me two seconds to take two steps towards him. In those two seconds, I immediately decided I wanted this kid to like me. I wanted him to be proud of his older brother's choice of a spouse. Plus, having an older brother is a childhood dream of mine, so I wanted to make a really good impression.

As soon I opened my mouth, words starting falling out. This is rarely a good thing. Our awesome bonding moment was a lot more awkward than awesome. I did manage to point out my name and position in the family as new sister-in-law (got that part right) but then something about him being equivalent to a punching bag made its way out.

Kaeden, still heavily in culture-shock, looked more than perplexed after my little intro.
How's that for a "Welcome home, we're going to be the best of friends, and isn't it obvious why your brother married me?"

Clearly, I haven't socially matured from my salt-licking days.

My talented sister Hannah Jacobs took this shot of Kaeden representin'
Here blog is here

The following Sunday after Kaeden's return, he shared some mission experiences in church, and how they changed him. Despite not speaking English for two years, he did well. Maren sang a stunning duet with her friend. (The talent in the Jacobs family blows me away.) After church, the family held a delicious lunch in their backyard.

All those treats were personally taste tested. Outwardly I blame it on pregnancy. Really, it's the inner fat kid attempting prison break.

This sweet woman is my mother-in-law. Her birthday was the same day.

Let's do a little spot-lighting here.

I adore this woman. One of my favorite things about Sherry is her down-to-earth attitude. She knows what's up. She's open about her feelings, but not in an overbearing way whatsoever. She's very considerate of those around her. I love that Sherry is always asking questions to better understand. That's probably why she's so wise.

She carry a heavy load

I hope to be a mother like Sherry when Taylor's and my little ones are born. If not her fun personality, then at least her kindness and big heart. I have no idea how she raised her babies the way she did. Good thing I married one of them.

Gosh I love these guys.