Cool Cats on Fire

The last little things of June 2014

Taylor got the haircut he needed:
Practicing Emo faces. Melanie is really good at it.

Mmhmm. That's a handsome man.
I only wish that we had cut his hair before I used up the shower drain cleaner that morning.

Taylor and I brought a litter of kittens in during a storm. That little gray face makes my heart melt. He looks so sad. He definitely missed his mama.

Luckily for him, Mama Cat eventually figured out that we were keeping her kittens safe. Only in her eyes, however, we had taken them hostage, and I was to never to be trusted again. (Since then, she's been coming by my door for a treat, but then growls/hisses at me when I give it to her. Not exactly sure what to do with that.)

We had some awesome friends and family come for a campfire to celebrate birthdays and Taylor's new job. (He quit over two months ago, but a celebration was still in order.)

Spot the gremlin. Hint- it's disguised as a 5'9" 15 year old girl.

Taylor would wear the same pants for each shift (washed, of course). He didn't want to ruin his other clothes with food grease and juices. 

After almost two years, you can imagine those burned really well.

Does anybody else feel powerful when they set stuff on fire?

Summer just doesn't feel like "summer" without the campfires and late night talks. Kylee (the gremlin up above) and I had an inspiring conversation while the others were roasting hot dogs. By conversation, I mean I sat in awe of my sister while she shared some of her 15-year-old life wisdom with me. It's amazing what a leader she has become, and to think where she might go with it. Sometimes I wish she had been the oldest child, instead of the youngest.

But only sometimes, because I really do like being in charge ;)