That one time we hit up the Oregon Coast

One of the traditions Taylor grew up with is called "Favorite Moments". At the end of the day, each family member shares their "favorite moment" of the day just before bed.
The fambam together before Maren leaves for her mission in Canada
Taylor and I kept the tradition going when we were dating. I tried to make it the last thing we talked about, because it meant we could hang out a little longer before he went home ;)

Our favorite moments on the trip ranged from from the impromptu lava game on a sweet playground to some personal alone time editing vaca' photos (you can guess who's favorite moment that was).

Dial in for the memories.

First favorite moment:

The Devil's Churn is an inlet which formed after a sea cave collapsed.

At high tide, the water pulses back and forth, sometimes spraying water hundreds of feet in the air. 

We enjoyed some Redwoods: 
Kaeden- Jedi. Preston - Ewok. Taylor's dad (Mike) - Hans Solo. Taylor - "one of those guys riding through the forest shooting lasers". 
The bathrooms were not as enjoyable:

The happy couple:
I personally think Baby Girl has some pretty awesome parents.

Some local exploring:

Taylor and I have an "Adventure Quest" book.
One of our quests is to try a 100 different cheeses.
Some funky jams
Lavender Sea-Salt Caramels. Oh girl.
Smiling through the fear of being pinched by a grumpy crab
baby crab

Coming home to our little slice of dry desert heat and nosebleeds was almost disappointing, until 1. I rediscovered a stash of chocolate cookies in my freezer and 2. we visited with my own family that same night.

"Puh-lease sugah doll buttahcream, just gimme yo railroads"

Then a few rounds of "Cheating Uno"

dedication to winning means wearing sleeves in 80° weather
I can't tell if my phone camera is highlighting Kylee because she cheated most, or because it takes not-so-fabulous photos. Because both are true.

And thus ended our 2014 summer vacation :)