The Lesson My Little Friends Taught Me

Between Taylor and I, one of us is obsessed with cats, and the other has to live that spouse's obsession.

Living with that kind of person means you might wake up to a litter of kittens on your chest.

Luckily, one of us is really sweet and doesn't mind a nap with kittens :)

These are the same little kittens we rescued from the storm a few weeks ago (here). We brought them in for a couple days after we saw a fat, stray cat taunting them in their nest. Too soon, they'll be leaving us to live with their new families.

Watching kittens is a lot of work. Their make-shift litter box needs to be cleaned each night. Every morning they need to be fed and watered. We have to make sure the doors to carpeted rooms are always closed. Toys are strewn across the tile from hours of play, and they often run into the walls. And, as curious beings always are, they're constantly getting into things they shouldn't be.

The cat-loving spouse has had the time of her life with these cats :)

However, as fun/hard kittens are, I've realized that I'm incredibly unprepared for our human baby coming in a few months. I already knew that before, but tending three baby cats has opened my eyes to that even more. Babies don't sleep the whole night through, like kitties. Nor do they only need one diaper change/feeding a day. And they certainly don't train themselves to use a litter box. (Is that a normal cat instinct or did we get lucky?)

To keep it real here, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing. Sometimes I marvel, asking God "Why would you choose me? I'm so unqualified for something like this." I don't think I've ever held a baby younger than a year old, much less provided for its well-being. 

But then this quote comes to mind, "God doesn't call the unqualified, he qualifies the called".

When life gets tough, it's not because of some old family curse or punishment from on high. Adversity encourages us to become the best version of ourselves. Learning to overcome trials doesn't come from simply talking or reading about it. We have to withstand against that storm. The person that comes out may be frizzly haired and completely exhausted, but they will be so much stronger for doing so. Their integrity and diligence will shine.

The calling to be parents so soon came very unexpectedly, and has completely changed our lives. It's changed the type of people we were six months ago. It'll change us again in October. We'll probably never stop changing.

Turns out, that's okay. I want Taylor to be married to the best kind of Chaun. I want to be married to the best kind of Taylor. I want our babies to have parents who really try to do their best. I know it will be very hard. Much harder than watching kitties. :) I also know that the work will be the most rewarding. Even now, I see that our small family is changing for the better.

Family is no doubt one of the greatest blessings.