Poured down from on high

For Family Home Evening a couple Mondays back, Taylor and I had a lesson about being grateful for our blessings. We chose to have a week long activity of posting little gratitude moments on our fridge, and then review them the following Monday.

We started writing down little blessings like "awesome rainstorm" and "didn't get hit by reckless driver". Which are pretty good things.

Then, for whatever reason, it seemed like heaven decided to drop a bucket of blessings on our heads. I knew that we would find little things to be grateful for. But I wasn't expecting a phone call from my dad to tell me his employers dropped off a lot of baby equipment for us, just because. Or that my hubby and I would win a sweet contest. Or that my sisters would happen to come over when I got really sick.

God is so good, my friends.

This week has been full of little miracles that left me in a little bit of shock. And it made me a little teary-eyed. How can all of these good things keep happening to us? What on earth did we do to deserve it all?

I don't know the answer to that question. But kids, I think this is what it means to "stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me".

This is the list of blessings that we noticed for the past week. I don't have a pic of the final list because it's packed away in a box, but we almost got that sheet filled up :)

The cheesy fridge magnets make me happy too
Definitely standing all amazed at the love that heaven has been sending down from on high.

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