Sweet, Sassy, & Steezy - Temple Square photoshoot

My passion is cinematography. I love creating videos.
Before film was even introduced in my life however, I was part of the photography scene.
I wasn't necessarily good at photography; I just really liked it.

As I got older, I did think I was getting pretty good at it. Blow on and dry my nails on my collar kind of good. After all, I was getting nifty at the HP photo editor that had come with that camera. I saw myself becoming a creative arts photographer (whatever that means). Eventually, I interned with George Karahalios of GP Photography. His work (here) is stunning.

My internship really opened my eyes to the world of photography. I realized pretty darn fast that I had a lot to learn if I ever wanted to go pro.

Dreams were changed by a crazy random happenstance of events that I'll share later.  While going pro is no longer the top priority, I do still love to practice when I can.

Two of my sisters were up for a photoshoot on temple square a couple weekends ago. I was huffin and puffin with baby by the end, but it was definitely fun to get back into the photography scene.

Cami as "Sweet and Sassy"

Kylee as "Steezy"

Temple jump:

My assistants hard at work:

I like kissing this one:

Baby girl is coming in a little over a month, so I'm having to lay down the camera for a while. If you're interested in having some video or photo work done later on, let me know at chauntel.jacobs@gmail.com. We'll see what we can get you set up with :)

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