Moving Day

There's been a lot of this going on in the past week:

Why box when you can tape?

When you're exhausted, even cardboard boxes are comfy. :)
About a year ago, Taylor and I signed our first lease that would end in August. Our plan was to go to school for the next couple semesters, pack up our home, and move to Russia.

Seriously, Russia.

Taylor served as an LDS missionary there a couple years ago and has been wanting to go back ever since. I love culture, traveling, and  foreign treats (Russian Tea Cakes baby), so I was totally down for it. We figured we would work there to earn money for school, and season ourselves the way only living abroad can do for you. 

A couple months after we were married, we were shocked to see a little plus sign on a pregnancy test. A doctor confirmed it and said we were having a little person joining the family in October.

We decided we wouldn't go to Russia right away as we had planned. Instead, we'll probably take our kids with us while they're young and live there for a time. We'd have to figure out with school and work and whatnot, but it's an adventure that we really hope happens. :)

However, the lease still came to an end, and we were ready to try out a new scene.
Salt Lake even left us with some parting gifts as we started heading out:

"Bellatrix the II" found by our front door

Leaving Salt Lake has been bittersweet. I will miss going to school, but I am glad to have more time to do baby prep. Especially since we're not registered with any family doctors or hospitals for her, and she's due in about 4 weeks. 
Oh the look on the doc's face when I told her I didn't have that done yet.
I'm also sad to stop being around this kind of stuff:

In case you can't tell, that's a cheeseburger flaunting its juicy curves.
Guys, content creation is the best thing in the world. Especially if you get to eat it after the photo sesh.
Do you remember this guy? The awkward meeting one?

Well, he had the nerve to come home from Mexico and then take my videography job.
Sure, I suggested he apply for the position, and volunteered to do some off-site training with him. 
But still. The audacity!
This was our little apartment, dubbed "The Midget Motel". It was named as such because of the 2 bed/ no living room, skinny closets, and doorknobs you had to slightly bend down to reach.
Aren't newlywed apartments the best? :)

I like that the side appearance of the moving box justifies my messy clothes pile on the floor.
So, we're not living a Russian adventure yet. But that's okay! 
Guess what bakery in our new city sells?
Russian Tea Cakes

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