My Maternity Photos

There's been an odd amount of people asking me to post pictures of my pregnant tummy.

This doesn't make a lot of sense. I usually find photos of pregnant women terrifying. In high school, I learned that the average newborn baby weight and length is about 7 pounds and 21 inches. The average pregnant body weight gain is something like 35 pounds, mostly in the tummy. "What da?!" Where do the other 22 pounds come from?? Photos of women on the verge of abdominal explosions don't explain this phenomenon.

Nevertheless, Taylor and I decided to have a couple photos done. Because peer pressure.
I admit, I am surprised at how good they came out!

Warning: You may be blown over from the amount of sexy in these photographs.


Here you go!
Entitled "Planet-Size Comet Hurtling Around the Sun"

The classic B&W:

I hope that satisfies any desires to see Chaun's full term pregnant tummy :)

Now, to keep it real here, because I'm laying down you can't tell that I've gained 45 pounds so far. Ten pounds more than the average, and still counting! You also can't see the deep, dark purple stretch marks that were conveniently photoshopped out.
Because guys, there are just some things I have to protect you from. Haven't I scared you enough already?

For any other ladies out there who face this same fear, I do offer you this encouragement: It's surprising how endurable your body is. And life in general is easier if you have some markers on hand. 

And, thankfully, it does come to an end. You even get a present. A squishy, raisin-esque, squawking little person that loves you like none other. So keep holding on.

Now off to check if expo markers are dangerous on exposed skin.

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