September So Far

As I was typing this, Toby (AKA The Kitten of Darkness) got bored of her toys. I was sitting at the computer, printing off some papers I needed. The printer sits at my feet. True to form, she went for my swollen toes as chew toys instead. Now, ruined documents and a scratched foot later, I'm attempting an awkward-preggo-lean-over pose to shoo her away. Each time I get her away, she races back to commence her kitten chaos.

This is madness.

This post is all from my phone's photo gallery timeline. Nothing fancy, because my Android doesn't take fab photos. I'm sure if I had something like the iPhone, then you wouldn't see random people's heads in the pictures. Because magic.

September has been a pretty chill month. Peaches have been devoured and reruns of Monk have been enjoyed. Doctors were finally called. Insurance companies sort of make sense. Although, for whatever reason, the new insurance cards won't show up in the mail. That part hasn't been so chill, but here's hoping for Monday. We've also spent lots of time driving through counties to see our families.

Taylor's and my family met up for the Ogden Temple Open House

Random person #1
That was a neat experience. My favorite part of that for me was feeling full of emotion and the Spirit in my chest. I felt prompted at some point during the intro video to put my arm around my sister. Physical touch is definitely not my love language, so I put it off. The warm feeling in my heart completely left. I felt empty. Not a good sign. So I snuggled up to my younger sister and put my arm around her (I was totally awkward about it - yawn, arm stretch and all). She curled right back into me, and the warm feelings burst back into my heart. I may or may not have gotten a little teary-eyed. Crying is not my thing, but I could feel so much love for my sister, family, and the Gospel, and feeling it reciprocated from Heaven. 

It was also pretty sweet to explain the purpose of the different rooms of the temple as we toured it. My dad (Nate) and Sherry were curious about what lay inside the dresser drawers, and opened them as we went along. Nothing was there, but of course that started a trend for the billion people in line behind us. Oops.

We had a Jacobs' family reunion (no picture of that, sadly.) A memory from here is giving Taylor a dinner roll I no longer wanted, and then feeling pretty down as I watched him eat it. The idea of him getting too full before our next event shook me up.


Following that, we went out with my immediate family to celebrate a birthday...

Kaye's cute reaction to being sung to in the restaurant
I wish my sisters wouldn't grow up so fast. As awesome as it is to see the women they are becoming, I miss their little people selves.

After dinner, TJ and I dropped by my grandparent's home to pick up an early birthday gift for Baby Girl.
In grandpa's workshop with two of my favorite people in the world :)
My grandpa is a talented carpenter. He made Baby Girl her own cradle. I can't even imagine making something like that for a baby. Guys, I panicked using an electric bowl mixer for the first time yesterday. I turned it off until I had some adult supervision.

Which reminds me I'm in charge of making some bedding for the cradle. This may be beyond my expertise.

Before we left, Grandma loaded us up with cherry chocolate zucchini bread, banana chocolate chip bread, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. She has never forgotten my slight addiction to chocolate (Which may have increased from the time I lived with them in college. You know, binging on the freedom to be a real adult and whatever).

Grandma is a good woman.

If you ever check out the gallery on my phone, you'll find a billion pictures like this:

Mom (Lora) and Kylee
Kylee and Hannah are infamous for stealing my phone to take approximately 132,156,478 selfies on it. My favorite ones are the monster face ones. Sadly I can't post those until I have some permission.

But they look something like this

We almost can't even, but we are a gang of four

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