Win for Canada!

This miss
Taken by Hannah Jacobs of  With Flying Colors Photography
is officially serving a volunteer mission for the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints for the next 18 months.

Taken by Hannah Jacobs of With Flying Colors Photography
Sister Maren Jacobs will be chillin it out in Winnipeg, Canada throughout the duration of her mission. 

Before heading out, Maren spent a lot of time with friends and family. I have no idea where they found the site, but Taylor and Maren went bouldering and out for some yummy frosty's.

I didn't get any pictures of the farewell party (dang it!) but she chose to have pancakes and desserts, with "Authentic Canadian Maple syrup".

SO good.

For Monday's FHE, the entire family gathered to watch Tuck Everlasting. (Sidenote, it made me think that Twilight is a modern vampire version of it with a twist ending.)

Tuesday evening she was set apart as a missionary. And then there was some last minute packing.

Wednesday was an incredible day.
These bags, which had been hanging out in the front room for the past week, were now into packed into the back of the van.

The van was decorated with some sweet notes from Maren's friends.

Before she was officially dropped off at the MTC, we got to a nearby park a little early to spend some last moments together.

As the van pulled up to drop Maren off, she noticed that her host missionary was an old friend from high school. You could hear the excitement and relieft in Maren's voice when she realized she would be with someone she knew. That was awesome.

Some little facts about Maren: 
-It's impossible to not love her
-She's incredibly sweet and patient
-She loves quality time and is willing to do fun, spontaneous things
-She is playful and laughs a lot
-Her goodbye catchphrase is "Bye! I love you!"

I am so excited for Canada to have Maren there. She is going to knock their beaver fur socks off ;)

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