Wrapping up summer

Labor Day seems like the grand finale of summer. It's kind of like the final day of vaca' before you have to settle in for the fall season. Unless you were that guy who had to work at Subway yesterday afternoon while the A/C was broken. Props to you, friend. Thanks for toasting our sandwiches anyway.

The recap of the summer:
Many hot dogs were roasted

Oregon was coasted

My tummy got baby bloated
This was taken at the "Cathedral of Trees" at the "Trees of Mystery" in Cali. This is a mock wedding ceremony shot.

Taylor was job promoted
(read about that here)

We temporarily adopted some kittens.

Called the cops a few times in sketchy situations.
Maren was called to serve in the Winnipeg Canada Mission.
Kaye graduated from high school.

Hannah started high school
(And here's a cute pic of Preston in his back-to-school outfit, rockin socks cuz shoes are for fools)
My social media class created and promoted this video that reached 50K people

Good hamsters, it's been a nutty but awesome summer.

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