October little moments

What's up in the Jacobs household:

Arrow is baby of many talents. We recently discovered that she can blow up her diaper in one go. It makes her smile every time.

Taylor and I were asked to be primary teachers in our church congregation. We teach 6-8 year olds. Right now we switch off teaching every Sunday while the other stays home with Baby Girl. I'm excited to start teaching together.

Speaking of primary, the youth in our ward hosted a Halloween party for the primary kids.

One of my primary kids stopped by our game station. This was our conversation.

Chaun: "Dude! We match!"
Kid: "What?"
Chaun: "We're both Superman! Well, I'm Superwoman, but it's practically the same thing."
Kid: "..."
Chaun: "Do you remember who I am?"
Kid: "No." 
And then he ran over to the doughnuts on a string game.

Melanie and I visited the Pinners' Conference. Before you judge me, let me tell you that it wasn't a women's gig with lots of people trying to sell you body wraps and giving out free cheap plastic bracelets that broke the next day. Okay? It was more than that. Melanie won a body wrap and my bracelet only broke two days after the event.

We did like it though. We liked all the free samples and the people who were happy to keep giving us those free samples. And the ladies from Six Sisters' Stuff shared some easy recipes for home which I feel comfortable making on my own. Without adult supervision. Like back in the single days when my roommate would "hang out" in the kitchen whenever I turned the oven. She had good reason to, though, especially after the time my eggs caught on fire in the frying pan.

Don't ask. I really don't know how that happened.

After the conference, I met back up with Taylor and Arrow. Okay, this man deserves a hubby shout-out. The guy had class the day I wanted to go to the conference, but he volunteered to take her anyway. He brought the baby monitor and left it at the teacher's podium while he sat outside the classroom playing with Arrow. He is amazing.

We stopped at one of our favorite burger joints in Salt Lake, and then bummed our way over to Trolley Square. We met a couple great people there. We ended up spending three hours at the mall, which is impressive since we're not mall-people, and Trolley Square is pretty small. Arrow dozed in her stroller the entire time, which was nice.

When this picture was taken, I didn't realize that we wouldn't be able to see Arrow's head, which kind of looks like it was popped off. Or the couple embracing in the background. Had we known this, we totally would have taken advantage of the situation. Next time.

You'll also notice there's a lot of lights in the background that suspiciously look a lot like Christmas lights. Well Nancy Drew, your hunch is correct! Trolley Square decorated early (as most places are). Honestly though, I don't mind. Christmastime is a great season. I'm all for celebrating it as long as we can.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 'cause everyone skipped Thanksgiving..."

Sly baby grin. Probably about to blow the place down.