Pelican Bay

Fun fact about Pelican Bay of Utah Lake
It doesn't actually have any pelicans. Seriously.
Likewise, John Grisham's "Pelican Brief" is definitely not an information book on Pelicans.


We stayed at my parents' home for Halloween night. The next day, Taylor and I suddenly realized we had a house full of potential babysitters. We advantaged the crap out of that little fact, and headed out for a date. A real one that didn't have baby girl tagging along in the backseat. Cami suggested we try out Pelican Bay for our getaway. It didn't disappoint. Not because the bay is amazing or anything, but because we had a fun time taking "model" pictures of each other.

There were some wind surfers that we were kind of creeping on.
And then we took some nice ones that I really like:

The wind really started picking up, so we ditched the lake, and stopped by McDonalds for a couple food items off the dollar menu. Neither of us really enjoyed it. Just as we were about to check out, the power went out, causing all the workers to cheer and holler in the back. We heard whispers of a mutiny, but we left before it began.

Since November is all about gratitude (Black Friday, I'm eyeing you), I'm going to keep track of my gratitude list on the blog.

Day #1 I'm grateful for No Shave November. I'll be growing my own leg warmers this season!



Day #2 I'm grateful for Sponge Bob band-aids (pictured above). I'm wearing one right now on my nail that cracked a little too deep. Some people can't stand nails on a chalkboard. I can't stand when nails breaks over the skin. Yuck.

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