Sunday Funday

Growing up, stake conference was code for "vacation from church" day in my family. For many years I honestly thought it was a leader's conference, and that's why we didn't go. It wasn't until I moved on my own, and my roommate (who was the relief society president) gave me the low down on what stake conference was indeed not just for leaders, and there was a Saturday night session, too.


This weekend was our stake conference. We didn't make it to the Saturday session because I was picking Taylor up from work, but we did go to the Sunday session. It felt like general conference because we had Elder L. Tom Perry, Sister Bonnie Oscarson, and someone from the quorum of the seventy. It was actually a regional conference, which I think is a gathering of multiple stakes. It was so big that it was held in an event center.

This was some of our notes:

Preparedness isn't always our strong suit... we forgot notebooks and an extra pen. So we shared the same pen and back side of someone's old homework.

As we left, I noticed there was a pumped, excited feeling in the air. Almost giddy. People were friendly with one another, and rejuvenated with some guidance and to be a part of the Gospel.

It's an awesome feeling to be a part of that :)

Taylor and I spent the majority of the day with his family. It was a great Sunday. As Hannah and Preston worked on some finger painting (which I said I'd do with them but never did...), Taylor went for a walk, and I took some pictures of the beautiful land.

Snow continues to cry wolf, and pretend it's about to fall, even when though it doesn't. Every hour, my phone sends a freak out message like "Warning! A hundred feet of snow is expected to fall on your house in the next ten minutes! BE PREPARED."

The nosy Kitten of Darkness came to see what I was up to:

Even Miss Arrow had a great day. This is her looking at Taylor. She's totally a daddy's girl.

Looking at me with spit up drooling from her mouth:

I think in her eyes, I'm her personal feeding machine and maid. Which, I guess, is technically true.

And then, you know, this happened:

We were meeting my brother's girlfriend's family for the first time, and wanted to make a good impression. This was the sight they walked into. How do you think we did?

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