Thanksgiving and a Birthday

On Thursday I put out a Boycott Black Thursday post. Ironically enough, when I arrived at my grandma's home for the Thanksgiving lunch, my mom wasn't in attendance. Turns out her employers required her to work the full day, as well as arriving to work at 5 AM the next morning to prepare for the Black Friday sales.  My passion has been a little bit more fueled to boycott shopping on Thanksgiving.

Other than not being able to visit with my mom, Thanksgiving was a really great day. It was great seeing lots of family and introducing Miss Arrow to more of her family members. One perk to being a tiny family is that we don't have to host Thanksgiving yet ;) (Although hosting parties is a pretty fun gig, so I'm eager to for our turn in the future)

Practicing standing

By the way, I've mentioned JR before. He's my grandparents' 25 pound cat.

He's bigger than Arrow, which obviously she didn't like

When I lived with my grandparents, this beast would try every morning to sneak into my room to get on my bed. He wasn't super successful at the sneaking part, since you can hear him as he waddles throughout the house. He also wasn't so great at getting on my bed, since his weight won't let him leap too high. Although, once he did get high enough to jump. Unfortunately, he landed square on my abdomen. I think that's about when my appendix exploded.

After we were done visiting grandparents, we all had a sleepover at Taylor's parents' home. My sisters, hubby, and I stayed up way late having deep and spiritual conversations. I feel so much more connected and loving towards my family. They truly are amazing people.

Later we celebrated this man's birthday

We celebrated with his siblings and parents

Taylor is fun to celebrate with. He gets properly excited and doesn't become bashful when he receives a gift.

After gifts were opened, he was banished to the family room so that Hannah and I could start working on his cake:

The finished product!

Phew. That little sucker took about six hours to make (including baking and cooling time) Super fun to make though. Stay tuned for Monday if you want to know how to make this cake :)

That night, Taylor and I went out for dinner at The Golden Corrall with a sweet deal we found on Groupon (which I think is still there, so check it out). It felt so good to eat all the foods that I'm not usually allowed to. I loaded on broccoli and cheese kids. I was desperate for something other than unbuttered toast and jam.

Speaking of which, if you have any lactose/broccoli/chocolate/onion free meal ideas, send them my way!

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