This is Halloween

This year we stayed the night with my parents for Halloween. My mom had decorated the house in halloween decor (like spider candles) and low lighting. Hocus Pocus was playing as we sat to eat bread bowls and soup. She knows how to Halloween it up, let me tell you.

Costume reveal:
"Superheroes in Disguise"
Superwoman, Peter Parker, and a happy little ninja turtle baby.

Let's get a good look at that happy face:

There seemed to be a lot of ninja turtle babies this year. Copycats. :)

Hannah came along as well. She and Kylee are amazingly similar people. They can't get enough of each other.

October little things:

Last year I found this funky cookie cutter set at a thrift shop that supposedly made 3D cookies. We gave them a try with Taylor's family:

(green lighting added for a spooky Halloween effect.
Just kidding. I did something weird in Photoshop. Enjoy anyway :))

This cookie cutter is the stand for the Scarecrow. Funky, right?

The sister missionaries were also in attendance

Aurora practiced her tummy time. Usually she screams, but this time she found solace in munching her pillow.

A little pep talk from Daddy

And then some baking with Daddy

Mmm. One of our top favorites: Chicken Bacon Ranch Flat-bread Pizza. Such a mouthful of deliciousness. The recipe is HERE

Much harder than it looks, kids. If you're one of those people who still has full use of both arms, appreciate it.

And of course, plenty of naptime for Mama and baby. 

Autumn time is definitely one of the best times of the year.

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