Why You Shouldn't Ignore the Check Engine Light

A few days ago, our car exploded.

Like, literally. It burst into flames and shot up ten feet in the air.  Which doesn't sound that high, but it feels pretty intimidating when an actual chariot of fire is hanging over your head. Everyone within a 20 mile radius had to go to the hospital. Why did it explode? Well, it's easier explaining to you than to our neighbors that we were hiding from the Russian mafia, but they found us, so basically everyone we know and love is in danger. Those we know but don't love are probably okay.

Okay, so the word "literally" was used a little liberally. It bugs me when people do that. I also don't like it when I use the word "like" in my everyday conversation. It's even worse when it sneaks out in my writing. It's like I'm a teenager again or something. (#17monthssoberfromteenagehood)

I had to slightly exaggerate though, because I only know two licks worth of car knowledge and parts: green means go, and yellow means go faster. Our car really did break down, but since I don't understand what happened, I had to tell it to you in a much more exciting way. The actual story is equally exciting, I'm sure.

I did try to help out, mind you. My roles were to look under the hood, realize immediately that I had nothing to offer, and stay inside reading Fablehaven while Taylor, his dad, and a neighbor survey the problem. I could have stayed behind and froze from the chilly air in order to find out why the belt was tangled in the motor or why the antifreeze was pretty much over everything. Honestly though, I'm just not that interested in car repair if I have to turn into a popsicle to learn about it.

All this means nothing to me
Although, I probably should learn something. When the "check engine" light comes on, I race up front to make sure that it's still there. Yup, it always is. The check engine light had been on for the past week or so. In the past, I ignored it, and light turned off. If it didn't turn off, then I'd adjust the gas cap, and that'd take care of the problem. (Which still makes no sense to me but that's what my dad told me to do). This week though, the light didn't turn off after I tried the gas cap trick, so I reverted back to my happy state of ignorance. 

The only culprit we suspect for this mess is Toby the Kitten of Darkness. I haven't mentioned her in a while, but she's still as dark as ever. Possibly even more sinister. Lately, she's been stealing Arrow's binkies from her. Seriously! What kind of cat would do that to a baby?

The dark kind, I tell you.


  1. Scary! Hope your car (and you) are okay!

    1. Thanks Shannon! We are doing fabulous, although it looks like our car is at its wit's end. Made for a good (fictitious) story though :)


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