Blessing Day

On Sunday morning, I was awakened by voices upstairs. I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to wake up an hour earlier to get ready for church. I woke up much later than I should have, but had slept in since Taylor and I had returned from our anniversary weekend so late the night before. The voices belonged to Taylor's grandparents, who had come by early to bring Arrow a baby blessing dress that had been used by her great-great-grandma on her blessing day.

Pretty cool, huh?

I fell out of bed, and quickly started to get Arrow and myself ready for the meeting. Gone are the days when I could tug on a dress, wrap my hair in a bun, and be out the door wearing yesterday's makeup in ten minutes. Even after 2 months, I keep forgetting it takes much longer to get ready for anything than it did in the BC era. Any other parent reading this right now know that that last sentence is the understatement of the century.

I don't know how my mother-in-law did it, but she was able to catch all these cute happy pictures of Arrow that morning. I'm impressed because the fussbucket herself was crying nearly every minute of her mini-photo session.

There we go. Plenty of tears. :)

Before the sacrament meeting started, I was on the phone with a few different people, giving them directions to the church. Through all that, I was packing a diaper bag, and trying to figure out where Arrow last spit out her binky. In that bit of chaos, I found myself loving every second of the busyness. However, it would have been a different story had Taylor's grandparents hadn't stuck around to help dress the fussbucket and get her carseat ready. :)

Sacrament meeting was really great that day. Arrow followed family tradition by crying throughout the entire blessing while Taylor delivered it. Then some of my family members came up to bare their testimonies of the church. As I shared my testimony, I realized how much I love Christ. 

(By the way- a baby blessing is similar to (but not the same as) a christening. It's not a baptism for a baby. The purpose is to officially declare the baby's name to Heaven and to give him/her a blessing to help them throughout their lives.)

After sacrament meeting, the family and a couple of our close friends met at home, and ate waffles with us.

Again, huge thanks to Taylor's mom and grandparents who took a majority of the kitchen duty.

I'm so glad for the priesthood, and the huge blessing it is for my little family. I"m grateful to feel close to heaven on special occasions like this, and know that we're being cared for from on high :)

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