Candy canes are so awkward

Have you guys heard of Multiply Goodness?

Well, if you haven't, you should drop by on their site. During December, they put out a daily activity counting down to Christmas. Each activity is an easy to do act of kindness. I had been wanting to participate, but kept forgetting to check instagram for their posts. Finally, about halfway through December,Taylor and I decided to do a "service date" and do some of the activities on our date.

We stopped first at Walmart and picked up some candy canes and 20 pairs of gloves. We dropped our change in the bell ringer's can. The gloves were tucked away to put in our car homeless kit bags, which I'll have to post about later. Multiply Goodness team suggested handing out candy canes, so we drove over to the mall.

Hannah doubled with Aurora

I imagined handing out candy canes would be super magical or something. People would smile and graciously accept them. Music would begin to play and the sparkle in our eyes would be impossibly bright.

Actually handing out the candy canes was a different story. Arriving at the mall, it was immediately evident everyone was in a rush, and trying to do their own thing. I didn't realize how good we're at ignoring other people until then. I felt intimidated and unsure about it. But we still went for it, searching for people who looked like they could use a pick-me-up.

Our first couple were pretty good. They smiled at us and seem amused by our attempts to spread the Christmas cheer. But the seemed happy about it, too. Taylor and Hannah were rock stars at approaching people and gave most of them out. They didn't seem too fazed when people rejected them.

This is what happened when I gave a candy cane to the children's train ride conductor.

Chaun: Hey ... do you want a candy cane?
Lady: Uh-
Chaun: It's for Christmas. We're handing them out for smiles. To spread Christmas cheer and stuff.
Lady: I guess? *She takes it and lets it dangle limply in her hand. She's giving me a funny look.*
Chaun: This is awkward. Sorry. I hope you have fun on the train! *turns around immediately and waddles away*

Rule #1- Calling out "awkward" on an awkward situation only makes it more so. Don't do it.
Rule #2- Don't give up. Because there's probably a young man your age working the cell phone booth who says he would love a candy cane, and is happy you and your family stopped by. You can feel his genuine happiness.
Rule #3- Don't try the stake president and his wife, even though you chased them throughout the entire mall. They will probably be the only honest people in the mall and tell you that nobody really likes candy canes, so they'll pass.

Overall, it was a good experience, even if candy canes are the candy that everyone passes out but nobody eats. It was the spirit of giving that set a nice mood for the evening. 

Thank you to Multiply Goodness for the awesome efforts you're making to share goodness throughout the world. We enjoyed all the activities that we were able to be a part of :)

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