How to Make a Hobbit Hole Cake

Oops! I know I said this would go up yesterday. Yesterday I spent the day tending a fussy baby and sleeping when I could. So it's coming up today:)

One of the reasons I enjoy having a blog is that it motivates me to do out-of-the-box things. It pushes me to actually try out some of the stuff on Pinterest, or to try fun adventures. When I go back to review past endeavors it's like "oh yeah, I actually do fun stuff and not just sit around taking care of a baby all day" :) So when stuff like Hobbit Hole Cakes come up in my newsfeed, I totally am down to try it out.

I found a Hobbit Cake "How-to" thanks to Laura from Over The Apple Tree who shared this idea online. I wanted to make it for Taylor's birthday to celebrate his love for the LOTR series. Our cake didn't turn out the same, but that's fine. These kind of cakes are meant to be modified to your own taste :)

Here is our version of How to Make a Hobbit Hole Cake:

You Will Need:
2 Cake Mixes and their required ingredients
2 reese's cups - for the windows
1 Kit Kat Bar - for the door
Pretzel sticks - for the garden patch and fence
Sugar Babies - for rocks
Hershey Bar - for the steps
Grape stem  - for the tree on top of the hill
Rice Puff cereal - for gravel
1 13x9 pan
2 round cake pan (we used 8x8)
2 tubs of white or cream cheese frosting (although we made our own)
How we do:
Make and bake your cakes as directed. While these are baking, you can whip up the frosting with the colors that you want. The colors we used were light green (for the all over), blue (for the stream), white (for window lining) and purple and yellow (for the flowers).
Time: about 35 minutes.

Wait for your cake to cool entirely before applying frosting. Putting it in the freezer will help.
Time: about 10-20 minutes

Once cakes are cooled, cut one of the round cakes in half. You will have one remaining cake leftover. (Give it to a neighbor or if you're a fat kid like me, pick off bits of it for breakfast ;) )

Cut off the round tops of the cakes. Place the cake halves on top of the rectangular cake. It will look like this:
I added one of the cake top rounds to give the house a more "hilly" feel


Time: 1-3 hours, depending on how detailed you get. If you're the OCD type of person who needs the gravel to lay perfectly, it will take longer. No judgment here, though.

Spread the frosting all over. This will take some time. It's good to not have it perfectly flat, since you are making a cake to resemble a grassy hill. (You could add green coconut to make that grassy effect)

wide tips are really helpful if you have one
Now for the fun part: go to town with how you want to decorate it.
I forgot to grab a picture of it, but we used the graham cracker against the rough cut edges against the cake. It acted as a sort of sheetrock or foundation to put on the reese's cups and kit kats.
This is how Hannah and I decorated it:

Yeah the stairs didn't quite turn out...

As aforementioned, there are endless varieties how to make your Hobbit Hole Cake. I think the only parts that you'd want to make sure you include would be the windows and the grape stem on top for the tree. Those are important recognizable features. 

Have fun! I'd love to see your version of the cake, so leave your link in the comments or send me pictures at

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