One of those Mormon guys

Or Mormon gals, if you want to get technical about it.

I've heard some pretty crazy rumors about the people of my religion. There's the usual "Mormons grow horns on their heads" and "Mormons have a lot of wives", but I think my favorite is "Mormons wear special underwear that makes them fly." If that's true, then I am seriously missing out.

I saw the movie "Meet the Mormons" opening night. Honestly, I was expecting some cheesy acting and cinematography shot like it was from the eighties. This movie was far from those expectations. It didn't feel "churchy" to me, but it was totally inspiring. I left the theater completely inspired to change. It was an excellent combination of heart-warming scenes, humor, and action. The best part of it all was that each person is so real. So incredibly human. And they're just trying to become better people, relying on their faith in Christ to do that. As a Mormon and a Christian, that's what I do, too.

Regardless of what your faith may be, or whatever deity you may worship, I think that's some common ground every person can relate on. I believe we were all born with the innate desire to be more and to be happy.

If a film crew from the LDS church came to me for my story, this is what I would say.

I have found that I am best at being a better person when I'm active as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints. I know that because I haven't been active my whole life.

I didn't grow up in a family that talked about Jesus or God very much. Although we were each baptized at 8 (the traditional Mormon baptizing age), religious activity was off and on throughout my growing up. 

When I started high school at 14, I had written off church activity. I would tell my friends that I was inactive, with some kind of false pride. Even though there wasn't the encouragement at home to keep true to the faith, I felt guilty inside. My pretense at making it a cool thing was a useless attempt to make the feeling go away. Eventually, my same friends coaxed me into going to a seminary class with them. Sister Phillips was the teacher, and she was just the right person I needed to talk to about testimonies. I started reading the Bible and Book of Mormon in her class, and haven't really stopped since.

I was far from perfect and made many more mistakes along the way. I am still far from perfect. I'm really good at being imperfect. I try to remember to thank God often for the power of repenting and forgiving. Had that not existed, I probably wouldn't be where I am now.

Which means this wouldn't have happened:

I can't say it enough. When you follow Christ, He takes you SO much farther than you will ever imagine. He makes me want to be better. He makes me better. He proves over and over again that He has that power to make life so magnificent.

It's pretty crazy what a seemingly small choice can do to change your life and set you back on the right track. There were many examples of this in the Meet the Mormons film, each so vastly different from one another. There have been many examples of this in my own life. 

There are 7 billion people in the world who have their faith story to tell. 

If a film crew from your religion came to film your story, what would you say? 


  1. This us beautiful, Chaun. I love your writing and I'm so glad you shared this with me. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Brittany! That made my day :) I'd love to know your faith story if you ever felt like sharing :)


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