Un Año

Haaaa I don't speak Spanish.

Taylor and I celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend. And good hamsters, life has changed so dramatically from this day a year ago.

Since our family is still small, Taylor and I wanted to make the most out of our first anniversary together. The years are surely coming where we might eat out at Subway as celebration, but for now, we're enjoying what we can.

We dropped off Miss Arrow to my dad at his work, who promptly brought her around his coworkers for showing off. I immediately love every person who tells me how cute my baby is. Because she is so flippin cute.

Taylor and I went to The Roof and wore our wedding colors (I know, totes adorb;) )

I scored this beautiful red dress at the DI for $10 bucks that morning, for which I am so proud. (Although it's hard to be proud of a thrift purchase, since there was nothing but luck involved) The horrid picture there is compliments of my phone.

We checked into the same hotel we went to on our honeymoon, and were happy to see that we accidentally matched our room. So of course we felt it was appropriate to take goofy pictures.

Photo evidence that I am the reason my split ends keep splitting
Marriage is so fun, guys.
I was especially excited for this hotel because the breakfast is amazing. We stuffed ourselves nuts with it. 
When lunch time rolled around, we were still pretty full from breakfast, so we just shared a smoothie from Roxberry.

Then we drove up to the Mt. Timpanogos temple, where we had been married one year prior. Here we did sealings for the dead. It was special to do sealings on this day. It was sort of a "pass it forward" action, as Taylor and I had been sealed together. So we gave other families and couples a chance to be sealed together too.

We got a random couple to take our picture at the exit doors for the newlyweds:

Following our time in the temple, we headed over to a rock climbing place that I had found on Groupon. We must have looked a little strange, appearing in our church attire to scale the walls. Still, they showed us the way to the bathrooms to change (which hadn't been cleaned in a good while), and soon we were out on the floor.

Rock climbing was super fun, and got us pumped to do it more often. Taylor was a beast on the wall. I was not. Ha :)

We had dinner at Zupas, and dropped by Smiths to pick up waffle ingredients for a family party the next day. 

We finally ended the night with a show at Comedy Sportz. Those guys are so dang funny. I wish we lived closer so that we could go more often.

It was such an awesome holiday and a much needed break for us. I started craving my baby after rock climbing, and once the improv show ended, I was dying to hold her again. We picked her up at eleven, and started the 1.5 hour drive back home. We were dead tired on the way home, but so glad we had been able to make our weekend a possibility.

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