December little moments

Tidbittilies from this past month

Arrow cried a lot

On an unrelated note, I learned what Snapchat is. What fun!

Arrow turned 3 months old:

Cleaned out the newborn clothes yesterday. It was surprisingly sad.

Christmas Eve we took Arrow outside to go see the bitterly cold and happiness-sucking snow. Here's the before shot:
We both cried.
Christmas morning:

Taylor was a little too excited for me :)

Burned stuff:

Taylor and I went on a date to check out some cool house light things. Here's a selfie to prove it.

On the last day of the year:

At the last minute, (and I mean the last minute) I submitted this video entry to The Good Line. Winning could mean a new camera or an international trip with The Good Line to film great people and their stories. Twould be a dream come true, kids. The link to the video is here

We also did a really cool service project for a missionary here with Sherry, Hannah, and Preston. One of our sister missionaries in the stake is from Thailand, and her parents couldn't afford to send any gifts to her for Christmas. Sherry got right on it. She checked the kids out of school, piled us all in the car, and off we went to get her some presents.

We picked out gifts the only a couple hours before the missionaries' Christmas party started. There wasn't time to go home and wrap them, so we used my trunk:

So proud of this wonderful family of mine :)