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Miss Kylee
Last weekend, after driving for a half hour in the wrong direction searching for the Spiral Jetty, Taylor suggested that we play a game of tennis for our weekly date.

At first, I hesitant to play. Sports anything with Taylor is an automatic win for him. And you know, we're each others biggest competitors. But then a little voice in the back of my head reminded me that I had cheerfully written "Be willing to try new things! :D" all peppy and girly-like on my New Year's Resolutions goals board. So I consented.

Once we were out on the court, Taylor started the first serve. I missed it every single time. It was especially sad when the side of my racket would hit the ball, spiraling it into the out-of-bounds area. There was a part of me that realized that I was really going to like this game if I could just figure out how to hit it. After miss after miss after miss... there came the sweet smack of the racket meeting the ball. And it came again and again.

You guys, tennis is really awesome. Really, really awesome. I don't even understand why. In reality, it's just hitting a ball to the other side of the court. I can rarely keep it in within the court area. There isn't even a net since the park took it down during the winter season.

But there's something that feel so good when you're able to return the ball hit after hit.
It also feels good to see this kind of action out there:

He tries so hard

On MLK day, Kylee came to visit. All of us joined the Jacobs and another family to play volleyball at the church. That was a mistake. Hannah warned me that I shouldn't play, and I shrugged her off. My newfound destiny this year was to be the athlete I never was. Turns out, volleyball is not fun, and Hannah rightly said we have no desire to do it ever again.

Afterwards, I talked Kylee into playing another game of tennis. She's funny, that girl. Kylee has a wickedly great serve. But she doesn't like to do it. Kylee, in general, is talented in many things. Most of them she claims to not like doing. If she could sell them, I'd probably stock up on at least half of the crazy things she can do. And then she'd get rich because she'd have so many she could sell.

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