Reasons Why I Married You Yearbook

Before our wedding day, I started working on a little project to give Taylor on our wedding day. I regularly updated a document called "Reasons Why I Want to Marry You."My plan was to get all the reasons copied into a photo journal that I designed online, complimented with pictures that we had taken while we were "just friends" and dating. Well the wedding day came and went. I never got the book done. I didn't even start on it. So I made do writing all the reasons and putting them in a plastic bag. :)

And he didn't actually get it until mid-January because, you know, life.

This year, however, I really wanted to get him that book. I finished it at the last possible second, causing it to arrive just days before we took off before our anniversary. Just before I got in the car, I remembered I needed to wrap it. I did so, and threw everything in the trunk because I was leaving a couple hours later than I was supposed to. The plan was to give it to him after dinner because that's hello-romance! Once we got to our hotel, I eagerly searched my bag for it, but came up with nothing. I then realized I in all the hustle of getting ready, I had still forgotten it.

Of course I forgot about it again, and finally a couple days later, we found it sitting at home, and he finally got his present.

This is something I hope we'll be able to do every year. Someday he might actually get his wedding/anniversary present on the actual day :)

Here are a couple examples of what the inside look like. The "reasons" are blurred to protect you from mushy-gushy overkill. 

 Neither of our love languages are words of affirmation, but he said that this is one of the best gifts he's ever received. It's fun to have the past year recorded with pictures and notes. As I worked on it, I realized just how much I had forgotten that already had happened. It'll be a good thing to look back through with the kids (if they can stand the love notes ;) ).

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