L2E Conference 2015

I had the great opportunity to attend the Learn 2 Earn: Building Your Brand conference.
Let me tell you, it was good. Definitely a highlight of this year.

We had great speakers including Christoper Carter Smith, Tiffany Alvord, Richie Norton, author of "The Power of Starting Something Stupid", and Ken Niumatalolo, the head Navy football coach who also debuts in "Meet the Mormons".

Tiffany sang for us one of her new singles.

I ran into Al Fox Carraway at the event as well. That was a top favorite moment of the conference for me. She is such a spirit-filled and happy person. Truly an inspiration for many people.

Guys, I love these types of conferences. To be given direction in business, personal, and spiritual pursuits is a unique event. I hope this happens outside of Utah. If not, well, maybe I'll just have to start one :)

Some of my notes from L2E:
     Talk to your Outer Circle for feedback/new ideas/ general thoughts. Talking to people who are like-minded as you can keep you from looking at things from a different angle. 
  "I was chasing a lot of opportunities that other people defined as success." Once Chris Smith defined what he realized what success was to him, he caught on fire. What do you define as success?  
     On keeping align with your values... "Is this activity in line with what I want to be known for?"
     The world is starved for authenticity. Every person is a gift to the world, and needs to share their authentic story. 
 And one of my very favorite quotes from the conference:
"We all have that same spiritual DNA that comes from the greatest creator."
-Coach Ken Niumatalolo 
Pretty powerful, right?
And there was so many more notes jotted down. It was hard to keep up with all the great bits of wisdom being shared.

So glad to go. So excited for the next conference. :)

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