The New Guy's Girl

The New Guy that I talked about here is getting married.
Let's say that again- Kaeden is getting married!
I'm a little behind here, because this actually happened probably a month ago or so. We've all been swept up in the wedding planning, because the Jacobs kids are down with short engagements. But here you have it: the happy almost-married couple.

Introducing Miss Suzy to the family.

We have loved getting to know Suzy and are so excited to have her join the family. It somehow makes sense that Kaeden would marry a girl with an old fashioned name of some sort. Don't ask me why, it just does. Kaeden and Suzy. It just sounds like a great combination.

One of the many reasons we love Suzy is for her contagiously good spirit. She's a genuinely happy person. She has no problem talking to strangers (which made her a good missionary, I'm sure) and sharing that love she has for people.

Hannah and I also really love her because she asked us to be bridesmaids ;) Which is fun.
I love weddings. Just love them.

Suzy's been hanging around with us for a while, and I've snapped plenty of shots of her.  I didn't want to post in case there was some awkward break up or something. Even though we all pretty much knew from the start that this was something that was going to last. Still, it's nice that I can start blabbering on about their cuteness and greatness together now. One of those cute things is the story behind her engagement ring, but I'll have to ask them first before I post it all over the internet.

Super excited for April!

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