The days have since passed that Taylor and I are current on what the young people are up to. It seems like everytime I log into Instagram, there's some new weekly hashtag that I have to google to figure out what it means. Or I can surf the hashtag posts and find additional hashtags since the kids always post like "#wcw #womancrushwednesday #woman #crush #hottie #perfect #wishiwasher #howmanypointless #hashtagscanIadd" to each post.

I just want to feel hip and fresh guys. Don't judge.

A wonderful discovery was recently made at Taylor's aunt's place. I was abandoned to make conversation with the adults. Pretending to be an adult can be tedious, so I waited until they were distracted enough before I could set off to play with a little cousin's pet rabbit. Taylor disappeared with his boy cousins to the basement.

Before I could escape to the bunny's pen, my very manly husband and the boys returned up the stairs with many giggles, all eyes on Grandma Slater (pictured behind Taylor). "She'll love this!" They said sarcastically to one other.

This is what the young people call "The Thuggie". Have you seen such a creation?

The Thuggie! Warm. Modest. Keeps the moon covered if you don't want to wear pants.

To their surprise and joy, Grandma Slater gave it a full look down, and exclaimed "Wow! That is really cute!" She totally meant it. Her heart was in it. She was sold, and asking where she could purchase one.

One thuggie fits all ages

One of the beautiful things about the young people, is that their style is constantly changing. So Taylor and I don't have to feel too left out if we don't get our own thuggies to wear. 

Although it could make a really great Valentine's Day present.

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