Basically I really love the D.I.

Date idea for you kids.

We're not regular clothes shoppers, but every once in a while I get it in my head that I really need new clothes. First world problems, I know.

This happened not too long ago. The desire really started to burn at the same time that it was my turn to plan the date. I posed this idea. Our date was to first visit the Distribution Center (It's like Goodwill for those who are not Utahns) and to pick out outfits for each other to wear for the remainder of our evening. My plan was to dress Taylor up in whatever snazzy clothes I could find. His idea was to dress me up as ridiculous as he could get away with. It's much more scarier to have the hubster choosing my clothes than the alternative.

After 20 minutes of choosing, this is what we came up with.

I really hated that shirt. I talked Taylor into letting me wear a shirt bearing a sun-glasses wearing cat hidden inside a QR code. The Virgin-Mary-holding-a-diamond-while-being-worshiped-by-fellow-angels felt way too weird to walk around in.

Then it was Taylor's turn. Apparently these are swim trunks, not shorts like I had thought.

He was a good sport in that last one, because he is anti-BYU with a passion. He bleeds red. Nothing else to it. But we did love that the online program has their own shirt. :)

There you have it. Cheap and fun date. Easy enough to bring the Fussbucket along. Bonus points if you score amazing red skinnies for four bucks, too :)

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