February little moments

As I type, I sniff my nose with great force, as consequence from a scratch on my foot from The Kitten of Darkness. My only allergy in this world seems to come from kittens (not cats) and apparently their scratches. My head feels like it's been stuffed with cotton. Ugghhh.

Arrow grew a month bigger, complete with a fabulous bald spot.

That bald spot became a source of mischief for grandpa who took her on a "walk". When she came back to me, I saw she had been marked with the Eye of Sauron.

We also found out that the Fussbucket is a little underweight. So she gets to eat more often again. Not that she minds.

But no pictures to be shown here yet ;)

Hannah and Arrow had a grand time together during the trying on of dresses.

Went to lunch with my aunt. We had an inspiring discussion.  I seriously wished I had taken notes during our talk.

Taylor, my dad, Kylee and I all participated in filming Macbeth scenes for a video for Kylee's English class. Kylee and I really enjoyed being our version of the hags. Taylor was Macbeth. My pops played Banquo. It was a goofy little video for her English class, but I hope we can share it here:)

The only picture captured from our monthly extended family FHE. But it's a good one nonetheless.

The Fussbucket got a little older and little chubbier.

Not sure what Taylor is looking at there... but he sure is handsome.

Now that February is over, the weeks are counting down to when we move again. Oh man. At this rate, our children will never know stability.