The day of lovin'

The only thing I don't really like about Valentine's Day is the sugary displays in the grocery stores prior to the holiday. Seeing all the junk food makes my stomach feel sick.

Other than that though, I don't mind it. Mostly the chance to celebrate with my family again gets me excited. Plus, there's nothing wrong to celebrate the love we have for other people. :)

Taylor and I celebrated our Valentine's Day a little early on the Wednesday before. I was super excited for what Taylor had planned. He promised that we were going to start off with chocolate. This is where you can shame me and call me a hypocrite. We bought four boxes of chocolate.

Now, to justify it, two and a half of those boxes went to someone else, although we did have a swiss roll. The oatmeal cookies were stashed away in our secret sugar stash for the days when you just need a cookie.

Then it was off to tennis. I'm so glad we have this court right in our community that we can play on. I'm not sure we'll be able to play when we move. Fingers crossed.

Next we headed out to one of Taylor's favorite places to eat: an all you can eat pizza buffet. Let me tell you, that boy can hold his own when it comes to eating. Which almost looks impossible because he doesn't appear to put on any of those pounds. Anyway, it was delicious. Man, the no milk, no chocolate diet that nursing moms have to be on can be so sad sometimes.

Just to binge on the chocolate,  we shared a chocolate shake from an old-fashioned diner. We only got halfway through the small, and now it still sits frosting over in our freezer. I guess we don't "binge" super well.

Saturday morning, Taylor faithfully went to work, while I joined extended family for a cute breakfast. We missed him a lot, but made sure to save him the good stuff.

Arrow busied herself with the plates

And then resumed position as Lord Baby

Some extra pictures from that evening while we waited for Taylor to get off work...

That picture on Hannah's phone is her and her "boyfriend". Here's a closer look at that fella.

Still a little hard to tell, but it is indeed Legolas.

That night, I figured it'd be nice to have something for Taylor to come home to, so I quickly made a little hunt, which led to a deli fried chicken dinner... But it didn't begin until after I forced him into a haircut.

After dinner, Taylor and I finished off our Saturday night juggling Arrow's restlessness and drawing up our dream home on a home design site. It has secret passages.

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