Hannah's Surprise Sweet 16

Taylor's parents are geniuses when it comes to planning their kids' sweet sixteens.

Each party is supposed to be a surprise. Hannah, with three siblings ahead of her, would be harder to surprise since she knew it was coming. (She didn't fall for the claims of "we won't be able to do a party this year") Somehow they pulled it off. On a Friday morning a few weeks before her birthday, I was picking up Kylee from my dad's work, and making my way downtown to pick up Taylor for the party. It was a perfect surprise, because Hannah wasn't expecting anything to happen so close to the wedding.

We surprised her by waiting up on the pedestrian bridge. Hannah said she did think it was a little weird when her mom remarked "I just don't like being on time. Well, I mean, we're not late. But I just really like to be on time." even though they were supposedly only headed to the aquarium. And then when Sherry said "let's check out this bridge!" Hannah started to get a little suspicious.

She didn't expect to see all of us there, though. Which was awesome.

After brunch we played a couple games. One of them was asking Hannah a question, and then guessing what her response would be by writing them on small whiteboards. The embarrassing questions were the best ones ;) I really liked this game because it gave the birthday kid some special spot-light time, without it being too overwhelming. Locking this game one away for Rori's future birthdays.

Hannah loves photography. One of the activities we did was to let her take whatever type of pictures she wanted from us. I took the liberty of editing the pictures she created, but if I can get her post-edit pictures up here, I definitely will show them. She is so talented at what she does.

We each chose a book cover that matched our eyes:

Oh, and just so it's all clear here, my expression in this picture doesn't reflect my opinion of the Book of Mormon in the least!

16 that I love about Hannah

1. She is such a great artist. Photography, drawing, writing, singing (even though she stubbornly disagrees), just about whatever she is great at.

2. Her creativity. The really striking shots up there are obviously her work. Love them.

3. I love her sweet tooth. Taylor is really becoming a health nut, and I feel somewhat guilty when I eat 4 (okay, 6) cookies in a sitting. But Hannah is right there to join me and we relish in our sugar love together.

4. How involved she gets with books. Recently, Hannah was reading a book in which the character falls, and hits his head on the cement. Hannah smacked herself in the face, only to hear us laugh and realize we were watching.

5. I love how she burns with love for her Heavenly Father and the gospel. She knows who she is.

6. I love how she reaches out with a genuine love to others, especially those who are struggling. She has been a light to my blood family.

7. Hannah can get fairly feisty though when she witnesses bullying or unkindness. It's awesome how she stands up against it.

8. I love how great of a big sister she is to her little brother. 

9. I love that she took me in as another sister when I was first getting to know Taylor's family. Her hugs made me feel welcome right away.

10. I really love her snapshots and instagram videos. 

11. She's really great at finding clean and hilarious videos for us to watch, especially on Vine.

12. Hannah is great at serving others. My favorite times have been when she planned a surprise party for a friend that had moved away and came back to visit. I think every attendee had a great time. Another favorite was when she wrote me a very sweet later when I was having a rough day. She's good at doing that.

13. I love that she is obsessed with cats as much as I am. That's important.

14. Have I mentioned that I love how passionate she is, just about life in general? She's the loud-shout it out- I love you/this so much- leap in the air passion. (Although she probably won't show you that side right at first). 

15. I love how she loves her niece, who of course is impossible to not love.

16. Hannah is one of my closest friends and favorite people ever. 

I love you Hannah! Happy birthday!

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