March little moments

Of course, as the month of May comes around, I'm finally getting a hold of myself and finishing up March.

I swear times flies by faster the older you get.

So here we go: March!

Remember back when you were 13 years old and took ridiculous pictures of yourself on the new Mac? You probably cringe when you see your old Facebook profile pictures now.

You should know that

I am very ashamed when I see anyone taking these kind of pictures. You're an adult now!

Right at 3.1495346, we celebrated PI day

 Some of the extended Jacobs family met up and went a search for violets along this river bank.


Melanie came over the same day as our Violet Hunt... as well as the rest of my family. Our house was full of people! My main task that evening was to bake Cami some cookies. I made her the same cookies that she once hoarded a plate of at a family party. 

After visiting the neighbor's new lambs, we all came back to the main house and just spent time together (while I ran around trying to salvage the bowl with the cookie dough in it).

Tobi showed her true evil self and stole some of Aurora's formula.

March is also when my phone officially died, and I still have not received the new one in the mail. I'm at a sad loss of pictures and memories for this month. Hopefully the April post will look a little better :)