Moving to Russia and Q&A

A few things.

First: The Ultimate Pudge (I know, we have terrible nicknames for our daughter) is starting to pack on a few pounds.

Which is great, because she was only getting taller, not bigger for the past few months.

Second: we moved again! At this rate, our kids will never know stability. But we are loving our new home, although it is far away from where we once were and all the great people we saw on a regular basis. Sad face.

Three: we are doing something TOTALLY crazy.

We are moving to Russia.

A picture from Taylor's mission in Russia. No idea how he did it.
My family had a heart attack over the news and promptly kidnapped Rori and locked her in a safe box away from us. I can't blame them for trying to protect us (her), although their methods were unusual.

We've been approached by a good number of people with a lot of questions. I'm all for simplicity, so I'm posting all the answers here :) If you require further understanding, you could always read your scriptures and pray about it.

The big question: Why?

The most simple answer to this is because we want to travel, and we felt like we needed to go for two things: filming and member missionary work. Our current plans concerning the film aspect are to release a weekly web series while we're there, with the intention to expose as much culture possible into each episode.

Yikes, reread that last sentence. Can you tell I've been writing essays this week? #dry

Trying again: Every episode will have a different Russian cultural theme. We'll also be throwing in traveling tips that you can trust since we are a perfect low wage family trying to live abroad. We are estimating about 9-10 episodes. The purpose behind the web series is to expose someone who can't travel, but wants to get as close as they can to a new culture. Basically we will drown you in a summer's worth of Russia. Don't worry though, the drowning includes live footage of The Fussbucket and pastries. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

We are also filming and directing a full length movie there. (Oh that so was so cool to type out.) That of course won't be released this summer. But be excited ;) More info on that later.

Now- the best part. I'm finally going a mission guys! My companion is super dang handsome.

This is the biggest reason we're going to Russia. To help out the ward or branch we end up with member missionary work. We haven't been officially called by a leader, unless you count being called by God to go.

Yep, we seriously love and believe in the gospel so much that we're willing to spend a lot of money and leave for a couple months in a foreign land to help others learn about it. And if it means that only one seed was planted by the time we get back, then it was forever worth it.

Okay, continuing on with the rest of the questions.


How on earth could we afford it?
Well, we couldn't.
That little fact hung over our heads for a long time. We didn't have the money. Yet, we felt impressed over and over again that the way would be provided, we just needed to save what we could, and get work on being spiritually prepared.

God was right, and He provided the way for us to go. Such a huge miracle.


We're taking off in June and coming back August.

What about the language?

Taylor is fluent is Russianese. I am clearly not fluent. But I am learning, and practice it on The Chub. In fact just yesterday, I said something like "Daughter, No! Don't eat the diaper! Not allowed!"

What about the food? The pastries?!

I am pretending that I am a fabulous traveler who can eat whatever and appreciate it for what it's worth.

As for eating delicacies, I have already found a nearby bakery to our area where we will be spending my birthday :)

Are you going to your husband's mission?

Taylor served in Rostov, which is in the southwest part of Russia. He was next door to Ukraine. Unfortunately, that isn't where we have felt we've been called to go. Instead, we're going the opposite direction to Saint Petersburg. (In Russia, they say "Sawnkt Peetursbaurg". With the accent of course.)

Are you going to start a blog about it?

Well, yes and no. Our company is currently underway to get our website going. We'll have a static page on there where we'll keep the film / business stuff.

But anything personal will still be here. I manage enough social media sites that creating another that would only last a few months seems like unnecessary work. And then there's the webseries that will act as video blog. Don't worry though, it's not going to be us sitting in front of the camera telling stories the whole time. We want to really show you as much as we can with our cameras.

Is your baby coming with you?

Yes. She is also a part of the family ;)


Such a big adventure awaits for us. It's going to be so much harder than we realize, and we're preparing the best we can... But how can you adequately prepare for the unknown? We are welcoming any more tips or questions to my email!

I'm excited to share this with you guys, and I hope you'll follow along in the story. If you're into that kind of thing. :) More details are to follow. I'll give the official heads up on when to expect the episodes. In fact, I better make a short vlog (video blog) episode on this so that you can get a gist of what you might see and expect. Also I love to watch bloggers make videos. Their voices are always so different than what I picture. Maybe that same effect will happen to you.

Better sign off. I was supposed to have dinner ready by now. Somehow, it's a surprise every night that we need to eat dinner. Didn't we just eat yesterday? Or just this afternoon?

luv 'n' stuff,


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