She wore it better

We were dress shopping for Suzy. She was picking out her wedding dress. Eventually, she found a dress that stole her heart away. When I saw it pulled off the rack, it stole my heart, too. 

As a kid, I never bothered planning for weddings, because it seemed so far away, and, to be honest, a wee bit girly for my taste. I figured all that would happen when it was supposed to. However, once upon a time, I had the privilege of being a model for a modest dress fashion runway show. And oh boy, did I ever fall in love with the dress I was wearing. It was a gorgeous beaded, drop waisted bodice with a lace up back. That was the only thing I planned to have for my future wedding. Well, that, and a hubster of course.

My own wedding dress shopping came, and I tracked down that beautiful dress. And gosh darn it, I just couldn't afford it on our tight little budget with all the alterations and original prices. Instead I found a different dress on clearance that I liked a lot and wore that for the day.

The perfect dress for Suzy was the exact same dress I had hoped for. And as crazy luck would have it, she didn't need any side alterations. The gown literally fit her just right. All she needed was some collar and hem alterations. When the store owner told her how much it would cost, I could see her heart fall. All together, it was pretty expensive.

At this moment, memories from my childhood arose from when I used to sew my own clothes, and before I know what I'm doing, this happens:

Chaun: I can sew. I can probably do it.
Lady: Really? Are you sure? That would save her a lot of money.
Me: Yeah, I'm pretty sure. You'll just need to show me where I need to hem the dress.
Inner Chaun: STOPSTOPSTOP! You don't know for sure! Think about what you're doing!
Lady: *shows me where to make the changes*
Inner Chaun: Oh. Yeah. You can probably do that.

The dress shop finished the collar alterations - there was no way I was going to mess with that - and we picked it up and got started asap on the hemming. 

It's hard to explain how exactly, but it makes me happy to be giving Suzy the chance to wear the dress I had wanted for myself. I'm a little surprised, as well. I suppose I had thought I would be wistful about it, but I don't feel that way. To share something like a dream with someone else, especially someone that you love, only increases how much you love that dream. Does that make sense?

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what type of dress you wore or what kind of cake you had. What does matter is to whom you are making those lifelong commitments and vows, and how you plan to uphold them.

But it is so nice to see your new sister wearing a dress that looks so gorgeous on her.

And no, no pictures here of it just yet ;)

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