Suzy's Bridal Shower

Suzy had her bridal shower the weekend before the big day. (At this moment, she and Kaeden are on the honeymoon!) Okay, seriously, planning Suzy's bridal shower was so much fun. Probably because there was a plethora of ideas at my fingertips via Pinterest. Thank you creative people out there.

If you're interested, here's how we did the decor for our country themed bridal shower. (In the LDS Church's Relief Society room.)

Those little black cauldrons are actually paper dutch ovens that my own mama made. We filled them with Boston Baked Beans.

The picture isn't shown here, but we put fake daisies in soup cans to give it a bit of rustic feel.

The ladies in my family aren't such a big fan of the games. A wee bit too silly for our tastes. That being said, "Bridal Bingo" was discovered and approved for the party. Guests wrote down their guesses of what the bride will receive as she opens gifts. It makes it more fun to see what gifts she opens. Winners got candy medals.

There were about 30 people to feed for dinner, but we wanted to keep it simple and cost effective. We whipped up biscuits and sausage gravy, hashbrowns, and grapes. My hubby was so nice to go out the night before to pick up a big tub of potato salad and baked beans... which were forgotten at home during the party.

I think my personal favorite part of the party was the homemade photobooth. I have a couple backdrops with the stand, so we set that up in the room. Hannah is a genius with composition, so she did all the set ups for the pictures. I really like how these turned out:)

We were sad to miss our third sister Kaye here :(

Some extra pictures from the party :)

I love Rori's expression in this one:

Maybe I should have named this Aurora at the Bridal Shower, since this post is looking a little lopsided on her end. Good thing she is so stinking adorable.

Welcome to the family Suzy love! :)

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