April little moments

Okay, so we're more on track for the month of April's little happenings.

If you read nothing else on this post, at least watch the cute video that Taylor made at the end of this post. I think you'll enjoy it :)

April was a crazy busy month full of travel, weddings, photography, school, and family.

April started out at the post office in line for an hour and a half to apply for Arrow's and my passport. (NOTE TO NEWLYWEDS: You can get a free updated passport with your new married name if you get it done within the same year. Don't procrastinate like I did! It was a pricey mistake to make! :( )

And then we had Suzy's bridal shower (HERE) and Hannah's sweet sixteen party (HERE)

I finished up my semester only a couple days before Suzy and Kaeden's wedding. Poor Suzy still had an essay or two to write on the eve of her wedding, so while the boys were off at a bachelor party, she was sitting on at a table and typing furiously. I don't think she finished until sometime before midnight.

The next day was their beautiful wedding, complete with snow, as Suzy had legitimately prayed for.

But that is definitely a post on its own.

The next day we were driving up to Oregon, which is also a post to soon follow this.

A couple days after our return, we attended a second wedding, this time for my college roommate. Also a separate post. I promise I'll actual put something here! :)

And then it was some photography for my beloved surrogate family. For now, I'll just post a picture of my beautiful assistant :)

Speaking of Kylee, we've seen a lot of her lately, who's stopping by on more than one occasion "just because". That miss goes to the same high school I went to... which means a lot of homework for her. She and Taylor did some homework time together, prepping for upcoming exams.

I really like this picture that Taylor did for his art class. I hope I can get the finished copy.

Taylor and Arrow made a video together.  (The one I mentioned in the beginning of this post) I love this shot of Hannah, Kylee, Taylor, and Arrow all watching the finished product together.

The promised video:

Adorable, yes?

We finished up this month scrambling to find a new apartment in Russia since they keep falling through... Feel free to pray for us that we'll finally find one that sticks!

Wow. Crazy month.

Before I end this long post... there's a giveaway coming up sometime later this week. So check in for that. If you're into that kind of thing. :)