Excerpts of a 10 year old

Journals are awesome.

Gotta love that Girls Rock diary. The cover points out that it's a "hip" diary. Badum tissss.

There are still more diaries that I can't find... which is saddening and a little worrisome. My ten year old self had dark secrets that the world couldn't possibly know about.

I have the ones that you're supposed to write in on a regular basis. I also have a "blessings journal" where I record all my priesthood blessings. It's a huge step up from the afterthoughts I had that I would scribble on post-it notes or old receipts.

My old Young Women's president gave me this "Giant Journal". (After typing this, I realized I couldn't find it! :( ) It's mostly just pictured event of exciting things that have happened. Actually, when I used my Giant Journal, I had been desperate for some place to store my photos with just random stories. I didn't want to post my everyday things in there. Then I found out about the world of blogging, and that pretty much took me away from my Giant Journal. That's still something I want to keep up on though.

In the pre-blogging days:

I also have a scrapbook around here somewhere that I started when I was about nine and discontinued around 11. Probably should condense the pages I have from that and stick those in that Giant Journal. :)

For whatever reason, I remember the day that I got my first journal. My sisters and I had earned a reward at the dollar store, which meant we could choose out any item we wanted. I was completely torn between a Quest for Camelot how-to-draw book, and this sparkly journal. I don't know if it was my mom's wisdom, or if she could felt bad about making me choose, but she let me have both. Both of those things developed into long-term, even life-long, habits. Especially the journal.

Here is my first entry from 7 year old yours truly:

In case you didn't know how to say my name, there are two pronunciation guides.

Oh, and that crossed out bit says "NOT about liking boys!!!!" I don't know if I crossed that out because it wasn't true, or if I was worried that that little fact there made it more enticing to read.

Here's a real gem:

tooth fairy is coming tonight maybe with a camra money and a mouth guard I hope so
Lest you think I was a spoiled kid when I lost teeth, let me assure you, that never happened. I have no idea where this came from. When the tooth fairy came, the most I got was a couple quarters, people. Quarters!

Also, what kid wants a mouth guard?

Dear Diary. Hey, I don't think I wrote yesterday that the Matchmaker came. It is another Baby Girl!

I was so confused at what the heck 8 year old meant by matchmaker, until I read the bottom caption of the page:

Ahh good old tamagotchis. Did anybody else have those?

My internal self guilt trips (mentioned back HERE) started at a young age. If I accidentally forgot a day, I would fill in the missing date, and then write as if it were that day. Eventually I became a little more honest with myself, and just let the missing days go. :)

I don't really write for future family to read about my life. I used to be sort of stuck in between "how honest should I be about this" versus "I just need to get everything out on paper." Then I met a guy who is an avid journal keeper. He said he was mortified when he found out his mom used to read his journal when he was a kid. That prompted him to keep a "family" journal- where he kept an updated timeline about his life and doings. Then he started writing in a different notebook about his deeper and more personal thoughts. I'm pretty sure he said that he hid it underneath his pillow to keep snoopers away. He said that he still keeps that tradition now.

On the other hand, a girl I used to go to church with as a teenager said that for 16th birthday, her mom gave her her old journals that she had when she was 16. This girl said that it was amazing to see how similar they were at that age, and that she could really read into her mom's mind and personality better.

So I'm still unsure which direction to go. At this current moment, it probably doesn't matter, since I haven't updated any sort of journal other than this blog in probably a couple months. I don't think I've mentioned our big move to Russia. Hmm...

What are your thoughts? Separate the journals or keep them together?


  1. Nephi kept two sets of records...for different reasons but still :) becky


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