Return to Oregon

The most awesome thing happened a few weeks ago. Well, two things. Kaeden and Suzy were married for time and all eternity. Taylor and I were able to go to not only their Utah reception but to the reception in Oregon as well. And we just love Oregon.

Thursday morning we were rushing around deep cleaning our apartment and trying to figure out how we would manage a 14 hour drive with a baby who hates her car seat. Our answer came from my dad's cousin who let us stay at her home in Idaho at the last minute that night (Thank you Rebecca!)

After visiting with Rebecca in the morning, we headed up to Oregon. Along the way, we stopped at a little city to lunch at a park. Just as we were leaving, Kaeden and Suzy pulled up, of all things. They were taking a pit stop and saw us at a park. What a crazy random happenstance!

We got back on the road and eventually came to some waterfalls along the Columbia River. It was so beautiful and green there.

I don't know any of these people... I just kept them in for perspective's sake. (Although these men had been fun to visit with).

See this fence? That kept some of the growth off of the trail. We even saw a tree who had learned to grow along the fence in that funny bent position.
Closer to the water. Much colder to be here than from admiring down below.

We learned too late that we could have walked behind the waterfall if we had followed the trail to the top. Dang.

For some reason my camera didn't want to put us all in focus. So here's two pictures. The second one is cuter anyway:)

My hubby is so handsome.

That night, we finally arrived in Salem, and stayed with Suzy's old bishop for the weekend. Jim and Laurey were the nicest couple we've ever met. We had so much fun getting to know them and spending time with them in their home. (HUGE thanks to Jim and Laurey for hosting us!)

Saturday morning, Jim took Taylor and I on a bike tour of the backwoods in their area. Laurey volunteered to tend Arrow so that we could go. This was my first time on a bike in 10 years, so I was totally worried about falling. I was wobbly for the most of the time, but what they say is true: you never really forget how to ride a bike (Thank goodness. That would have been embarrassing. :) )

When we reached Jim's house, Taylor and I loaded up the babe, and headed over to a cheese factory place. My battery had died of all things, and so I wasn't able to bring a camera to this. Which was pretty darn sad, because Arrow got to meet a cow. She had the funniest expression on her face. She wasn't sure what to think of it. Be scared? Laugh at it? No idea.

We tried 25 new cheeses there for our bucket list. By the end I was ready to not eat cheese for a week.

Then it was off to the reception. 

That night Taylor and I were antsy to out and "do more". So we picked a random road and kept driving until we came across a ferry.

It's a car ferry that transports vehicles across the river. It shouldn't have been that exciting, but we were desperate for adventure and as Utah-natives, this was new. Taylor, Arrow, and I got out of our car, walked onto the ferry when it came our way, and rode it back to our car. We're not sure what the conductor thought of us :)

The next morning we were off to church. I enjoy going to smaller wards in different states. They almost feel a little different than ones in Utah (although I love those, too :) ) The last time I was in Oregon, I wrote this post on the Holy Ghost.

And then it was off to the beach.

We are so good at fashion coordination.

Arrow tasted sand for the first time. What started as a few licks became shoving handfuls. This is how addictions start.

She pooped sand for days.

Time in the water:

Hannah is a model.

Finally it was goodbyes and driving many hours home. Arrow did not appreciate one bit being stuck in her carseat. We figured that couch surfing is such an awesome way to go (low on money, high on adventure and making new friends) that maybe we'll spend the money on flying and find new hosts.

We crashed late at night at Taylor's parents home, where the poor guy had to finish up an assignment that he had been working on in the cracks of our Oregon adventure. With minutes to spare, he uploaded his homework online, and we promptly passed out on the couches. Several hours later, I was dropping him off at work, and driving the rest of the way to home. We had a marvelous time on this adventure, but oh how I missed my bed.
It's nice to be home for a few more weeks before we peel off on more adventures.
Goodbye Oregon! Till we meet again!

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