15 reasons why the baby cried today

  1. We took away the bottle cap she tried to swallow.
  2. She zapped her tongue on the laptop cord.
  3. Daddy took away the laptop cord.
  4. The book was taken away after she ripped out the title page.
  5. She got her hand stuck in the cabinet.
  6. Daddy wouldn't let her stick her teeth in the electrical outlet.
  7. Mommy wouldn't share her hot dog.
  8. Mommy put away the baby food, even though she had crawled away from her dinner.
  9. She wasn't allowed to sort through the trash can.
  10. We are sitting on the couch without her.
  11. She doesn't want to sit in her stroller.
  12. She was laughing too much.
  13. We hugged without her.
  14. Mommy won't let her smash her fists on the laptop keys.
  15. There is nothing to unload from the drawers anymore.

That is, in fact, not a terrible drawing of a cucumber. Rather, it's the outline of all the things my child unloaded today during her free time. It took about 30 seconds to finish her work before she was bored out of her mind again.

Any reasons why your kids were crying today?

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  1. I will have to ask them ;) becky


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