2015 Summer Goals

This is something that's a little new for us. 

Taylor and I are big on making and accomplishing goals. Taylor especially is good at figuring out how to improve something when a goal wasn't reached (and figuring out things in general... he's a smart cookie)

A blog that I super love, called 71 Toes, recently posted about their family's summer goals this year. And that got me thinking. Even though we set our new year's goals every year (and take them seriously), and even though we're in Russia working, I would still really like our family to stay focused on some sort of improvement. We are already in habit of trying out a bunch of new things this summer, so why not toss in some deliberate goals?

I got Taylor's permission to share what his system looks like. He's a devoted Excel Spreadsheet user if there ever was one. He put up his goals here.

They are all mostly blurred for his privacy. :) 

His chart is mostly a daily:weekly chart. If he completes his goals each of the day of the week, then he checks off one of the boxes. I thought it was interesting how he included to calculate missed days. That puts a different angle on goal achievement.

One of his goals here though is to read the entire Russian Chronicles of Narnia series. Which is awesome.

Likewise, one of my goals is to translate one chapter of this book by the end of the summer.

When I was a teenager, I was really into character building and making goals. Thus, I really loved going to the girls camps that my wards would put on. I was really good friends with the girls in my best friend's stake, so I would go to hers, too. Girls Camp was a place to gather my bearings and sort of "freshen up" spiritually (and physically, because we had some tough nut leaders) before the school year started again. I was lucky enough to go twice each summer. The light and spirit that I felt at those camps always changed me for the better. I would come away feeling stronger, and more in tune with myself and the woman I wanted to become.

This trip out in this foreign country is providing us with so much potential of growth, and I very much see it having a similar effect as previous girls camps. Although I adore making checklists, I intentionally made up some goals that would hopefully make me a better person. I'll share a few of them for my journal here. 

Personal commandments:
"Be Chaun" 
"Be 100% present" 
"Discouragement and sadness are events in life, not life itself" 
"Always wear your invisible crown"
I did throw in some checklist items, like that Harry Potter book, because my soul just needs that validation :)

The best time we have to finish up our daily goals is right after the baby falls asleep. The jet lag business is still working like a devil on us, but it does give us some quiet night time to focus.

Goals are awesome. Super excited about all this. :)

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