May little moments

Did you guys know that there's a house in Utah designed after the house Ellie and Carl lived in in the movie "Up" ?

Way cool. In the backyard they have a tower/slide built after Rapunzel's tower from Tangled.
In all honesty, I haven't seen the entire Up movie, because I wasn't interested after watching the beginning. (It seems like a dumb movie, but I don't usually like Disney movies anyway.) I do think it's awesome that they built a remake of it though. It got Taylor all kinds of excited for our future home.

Taylor and I saw the opening to Avengers with his brother and his new wife. Wow. The trailer did not prepare me at all for the movie. Did anyone else feel the same way?

Just a random group of people cosplaying at the theater.

I feel so blessed to be married to Taylor, and to be related to his family. My dad always told me that your best friends end up being those you're related to. The older I get, the more I realize how right he is.

Taylor and I helped our uncle and aunt whom we don't usually see move into their new home. This is my mini-me cousin. It was a different but awesome experience to sit with them in their home, instead of meeting up with them at family gatherings. People are a little different at home. I really enjoyed getting to know them more.

My top two wisdom teeth were pulled. Did you guys know that they use a wrench to yank those suckers out?! Laughing gas makes my brain fuzzy, so we couldn't use that. I was completely awake. It was fairly scary the entire time, although it was over in minutes.

My own sister turned sixteen. I wrote this open letter to her for all y'all to read here. For her birthday, she and I went to the temple, and then met later that night with the other ladies in the family for ice cream. 

She had a sweet sixteen that weekend (the day after my wisdom teeth were removed), and it was vastly different than the other sweet sixteen that we celebrated a few weeks ago. She chose paintballing as her activity. And let me tell you, that was terrifying.

As soon as I walked into the room, I heard gunshots, swearing, and lots of noise. The testosterone in that room was so thick that you could breathe in the Y chromosomes. Taylor played the first round without me, and came back with a bloody knee. This was not reassuring in the least. I dreaded when it was my turn to go out into the arena and play. Once I was set out into the field, I knew I wanted out, right away. I considered just faking being shot and hiding behind the net. Instead, I braved it out, and ran for cover behind a bigger dude. Around this time, I realized I didn't know how to shoot my gun. Two minutes in, I was shot in the crook of my elbow, and my leg.

Pain, children. You can't spell paintball without it.

I thought I was done, but no! There was one more round to go. Some dark monster inside of me welled up (probably from breathing in the Y chromosomes that were floating around), and then I became "YOU WANNA FIGHT BOY? I'LL FIGHT YA. ARGHAGHGHH"

I'm still a wimp though, so I yelped the first time I shot my gun. And the second and third time, too.

Somewhere in the midst of paintballs jetting by, I had a thought that I could possibly get shot in my mouth, which would probably really hurt after getting my teeth pulled the day before.

We've been trying to cram in family activities before we go to Russia, so we invited over some of my cousins for an afternoon hangout. I've never really "hung out" with these cousins before, and it was awesome. I learned so much about these boys, and had a great time chilling with them and playing the wii.

That same evening, we played a family game of The Amazing Race. (Back HERE if you want to learn how to make your own!)

At a church mutual activity at the temple, I ran into my aunt, who is also a Young Womens leader. We whispered back and forth the entire time, just talking. I seriously just love all the women in my family. (The men too, but the ladies are especially favorite right now.)

Arrow is a selfie master.

The men on Taylor's side of the family went for a campout, while we ladies chilled at mama's home base. We agreed that next year, the men would be taking the babies along when they went on their campout.

One of my really good friends from high school came home from college for a few weeks. She is my favorite. She also gave me this excellent book:

For dinner that night, I made Taylor a few of the recipes in here. So good.

In between all the cracks, we've been filing paperwork, adjusting to our new church callings and assignments, and sweating over arrival dates of our visas.

Although this post is long, I have to admit, I love doing these monthly little things. I originally got the idea from I think they're such a great way to capture the little moments, as well as remind me to be more involved in life.