We are here in Russia

A few days ago, we left the comforts and familiarity of our home in Utah to move to Russia. Why we did such a crazy thing can be found back here.

We got on a really long flight, stopping in Minnesota and Paris along the way. Finally, about 24 hours later, we landed in the St. Petersburg airport. Two and a half hours later (there was a mix up on when Our host was picking us up), we arrived at our new apartment. It was 2:30 am, but we were so pumped that we couldn't sleep for another hour. Which is incredible since we only slept for a couple hours total on the airplane.

This place is so different! I can't wait to upload our videos and photographs. We bought a converter for our chargers, but we didn't realize then that it wouldn't work with our computer. So we're left hanging for a little bit until we can get that figured out.

Currently, I am typing this from my iPad. It's about 3:30 in the morning. Taylor is fast asleep next to me. Arrow is waking up every 20 minutes or so, since ahes still not used to the time difference. Her bed is in the kitchen, which is a shame, because I could really go for some 3:30 am snacks right now.

The sun is rising in St. Petersburg, which is not okay. In the early summer, they also have what's called "White Nights". Basically that means we are so far north in the world that the sun never goes all the way down at this time of year. The sky has streaks of white towards the horizon all night. And then of course the sun rises at 3:30. No wonder Arrow has trouble believing it's actually her bedtime.

Yesterday morning/night/whatever, when the sun rose, Taylor and I gave up on trying to get Arrow to sleep, and got up for the day. We ate a Russian foods breakfast consisting of cheese, corn cereal, yogurt, and poppyseed bread stuff. For the rest of the day, we were groggy until we went hunting for an ATM. What should have been a half hour walk became a 3 hour journey after following the directions of a nice woman we met walking along the street. (A lot more people walk here. It's awesome.) We never did find the bank she had referenced us to, but we did find the underground metro, and a giant mall. Eventually we found an ATM, as well as a McDonalds. We were thirsty, but also not desperate enough yet for American fast food, so we didn't get anything. Plus, there was a long line, which bugs Taylor. He'd rather explore the rest of the 3 story mall for a cup of water rather than stand in the line at McDonald's. Which is precisely what we did. #truelove

I'm so grateful to be here right now. It's so exciting to be in a different part of the world. It's exciting to be really learning this language (although I can't get the deer-in-the-headlights expression out of my face whenever someone speaks to me. I still have no idea what anyone is saying) I'm grateful to somewhat witness a part of Taylor's life that I wasn't part of when he was on his mission. Also I'm super glad he can speak this crazy language.

Life is good here. Even if we can't sleep.

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