Sugar Cube Castle Battle date idea

Holla at my penny-pinching peeps! 

In this current stage of life living overseas, my man and I are searching for fun and cheap dates for our Friday nights. They also have to be somewhat easy, since we have the Baby Chub hanging out with us, too. Taylor came up with this idea a few weeks ago.

Presenting: Battle of the Sugar Castles

It's super easy. Just buy a box of sugar cubes and challenge your man to build the "best" castle.

After a half hour of design, this is what we ended up with:

Castle A

Castle B

Castle A won for beauty (Not sure how, exactly, with all that green goo). Castle B won in best solid looking defense.

But the ultimate castle winner was to be judged by Arrow. Whichever castle could stand up against her hunger for destruction would go home the true winner.

Her first move of attack:

Straight for the center!

Eventually she realized we were giving her permission to break things for fun. When she realized this, she went nuts on one of the castles. I won't name names, but my favorite castle won. ;)

Consider the invitation officially extended to find out what the best "mortar" would be to hold all the sugar bricks together for your castle. I personally experimented with water and dish detergent. Neither of those worked. In fact, they actually dissolved some parts of my castle. Sad face.

Feel free to share any of your favorite cheap/unique dates ideas here! I would so love to hear any new ideas from you.

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